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so i take you on this ride and you think you know where we're going then i turn left the music has you so hypnotized that you feel comfortable then POW! I go left! Its a never ending roller coaster of hits grooves good new fashion music with a young fly soul behind the steering wheel
Are You Ready?


Our Motto= LLGO (live life grow old)
Our Mission= Real Music

What is real music?? That's a question I've answered simply with my music! Now 26 primed and ready to roll SnoopySoFly has set the mode with his own flava. While being a producer,artist,host,actor,and all around music head snoopysofly has created a swagg that can be renditoned has platinum! while he and his team NewSouthllc work on hit tracks and songs every day you can also find snoopysofly hosting local events hitting the stages and just giving his fans exactly what they ask for! But what's most important to snoopysofly is family. With music being his ship it is family that drives his ambitions to get to the top! You can always expect top shelf A+ music from this young musician for a long time just wait and see!!


I Got That Beat

Written By: SnoopySoFly

Girl i got that beat thats gonna turn you on
girl i got that beat that make you show ya thong
girl i got that beat that make you drop it down
girl i got that beat that make you do the brown ....
na do ya thang


you can check me out on and many other sites just type the name snoopysofly