Snö Storm

Snö Storm


Uneven-timed musical explosions with beautiful riffs and crazy drums


Formed 5 years ago in southern Stockholm, a project born out of the Vårby Spring Collective where free thinking people from around the world converged and molded the future in their liking. Drawing inspiration from bands like Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Beatles, Hella, American Football, the band progressed through traditional songwriting and into a maze of uneven time where the hallmark sound of beautiful riffs splashing up on the shores of melancholy was formed. Later the band moved in to even more advanced expressions of self taking on impossible rhythms and progressions hitherto unheard of. As the 6 original members honored their lives and dreams they have moved all over the world to reunite in satellite versions of the original line up when they are in Sweden. This band is inherently shy and detached from the persistent mode of reality that meets humans everyday. They have created their own universe both in music and in life and will have nothing to do with traditional outlets of expression as provided by the music industry, going as far as refusing to track songs while recording since it would be a false representation of reality. Only Live Shows and Recordings satisfies them. These kids are beautiful and must be heard before its too late <3


Apart from thousands of hours of Live Barn/Party/Rehearsal recordings