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Snowball 37

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Indie Music at its best!"

Snowball 37 is a rock, alternative, pop band from Jersey City, New Jersey. When I first heard this band I was blown away. There is just something that a person can know when they experience a great song, and it is there on "Long Dead and Gone." They have themselves listed as a pop band, but they are more rock, and alternative. Their songs have soaring vocals, with inter playing instrumentals, like the guitar inner weaving with the drums, and the bass driving the song with a nonlinear line. The subjects of the songs are also more than what would be taken on the first listen. This is the band that you like on the first listen, and then love on the second.
-Paul Ruth - The Independent Music Scene 9/1/2010

"Special Young Adults EP"

In this day and age of manufactured, over polished rock, Snowball 37 harkens back to an era where lyrics meant something more, and slick, over production didn't outweigh the song.

The band's latest release "Special Young Adults, the EP", shows that twenty something's can relate to all generations, young , and old, since we all seem to shre the same problems, heartbreak, loss, failure, and the like.

David Fagan's vocals complement his lyrics like an emotional soulmate, as you need not even understand what he's saying, since how he says it hits home. "Oh Bother", the heaviest track on the album, is a song of hope for children raised in a not so perfect family situation. "baby You're A Star" is a cynical homage to the poor, delicate stars in Hollywood, and "From The Ebb" is an anthemic grunge rocker, with a beautiful minute long intro with vocals and guitar, the comes crashing into some of the heaviest, punkiest music I've heard in some time.

The band is currently touring on their own across the US, and then back to the NYC area in 2010 to record the full Special Young Adults album. Even though the six songs on the EP will be redone, and added to four or five others, it should be a different experience, and one I look forward to! - Poptimes magazine

"Edgy pop music returns to the indie scene!!"

Snowball 37, a powerpop band from New Jersey, has put the edge back in rock with their newest EP entitled "Special Young Adults" (available on itunes,, and pretty much everywhere on the internet)

The album features six groove heavy pop rock tunes in the vein of weezer and the Foo Fighters, but you can dance to it while hating the world around you. "Baby You're a Star", the single from the band is a departure from the rest of the album, in that it evokes emotion saved for lost loved ones, or more appropos to 2009, fallen stars. Don't let the grunge rock edge fool you though, hope springs eternal as the common theme on every song, except for "Corduroy Girl", a song from an older man to a younger woman he's in love with, who breaks her spirit so that she fits only into his plans.

Four stars all the way...recommended for ages 14 and up, although the 20, 30 and 40 something crowd can find much in these gems. -

"Snowball 37 live"

Snowball 37 are a band of brothers from Jersey City that play like it's all coming to an end when they leave the stage. Their set and stage presenc are eclectic, the songs part of an avant garde tapestry woven with beautiful melodies and ear catching lyrics....definitely reminiscent of Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters. See them while you still can for a couple of bucks..and when they release their album, get a, get a few dozen copies, save them, and in a few years, put your kids through college with what you can resell them for once they are the biggest alt rock band in the world. Not convinced? See for yourself... - The Aquarian Weekly

"Heavy Kleptos"

What to say about the Fagan brothers? Why they have not yet been signed and overexposed on commercial radio and MTV is beyond me, but perhaps they are simply waiting until they become the biggest indie band in the world before they take over mainstream airplay. Okay, seriously, these boys from North Jersey have independently released their first CD, Heavy Kleptos, and the result is nothing short of pure excellence. From track one to the final track, Zero Road, which is the song they finish their live sets with, you get a bombast of pure, irreverant, but very unpretentious indie rock disguised as well polished pop rock. Songs like Zero Road, Corduroy Girl, and The One and Only Bill Grant are infectious as the plague, with melodic verse chorus verse rock, big loud power chords..and the meoldies, ah yes, the melodies. Indigo and Goodbye Yesterday break traditional AOR with their poetic lyrics set to music, reminding us of times when we weren't so forgetful about things like love and innocense. Pick up this album, which currently is available at their live shows, and through their web page

Overall rating:
**** 1/2 out of ***** - East Coast Rocker

"A Musical Avalanche"

Since their inception in August 2004, brothers, Matt (drums, vocals), Tim (bass, driving) and David Fagan (vocals, guitar), have been playing extensively throughout the NJ/NYC area. Their first independently released CD, Heavy Kleptos, features a wide array of rock: hard, heavy fuzz guitars, shimmering acoustic and clean electric, and bouncy basslines and drums, with infectious melodies, and clever lyrics about everything from love to hate, dreaming of a better life, and the perils of taking the road less traveled. Go to to find out when they are performing live, and to pick up a copy of Heavy Kleptos, you won't be sorry, all you'll be is a bit more satisfied than you are by mainstream radio these days. - The Jersey Journal/This Week In Jersey City


Baby, You're A Star (2009) ..airplay on NJ college stations and internet radio in NJ, NY, CA, and the midwest.

The All Star Generation/From The Ebb (2012)

Heavy Kleptos (2005)
Sun (2007)
Live at the Underscore (2008)
Special Young Adults EP (2009)
Live At Bar East NYC, 12/2010 (2010)
De Classe (2012)
Saturday Night Man (2012)



A brief history
Snowball 37 is a Jersey City, New Jersey based alternative rock band with pop & indie sensibilities. The band was formed by David (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriting), Tim (bass, backup vocals) and Matt Fagan (drums) in the basement of their parents’ house. After recording their full-length album “Heavy Kleptos” and over 200 shows in New Jersey and New York, Matt moved to California. So, 2011 ushered in the future of Snowball 37 with newcomers James Faust (Bass, vocals) and Brent Clore (Guitar, Sax). After some live dates and many practices, they will step into the studio in 2012 to record their upcoming single "The All Star Generation/From The Ebb"

Where do they fit in?
Together, they share the influences of Foo Fighters, weezer, Queen, Green Day and the Smashing Pumpkins. Individually, they bring influences like Neil Young, Johnny Cash, The Killers, David Bowie, Run DMC, John Lennon, Weird Al, Public Enemy, Roy Orbison and more. Their everyman rock appeals to older fans of Bruce Springsteen or Foo Fighters. The heartfelt lyrics and bespectacled frontman appeal to hipster fans of The Shins or The Decemberists. Infectious pop melodies and their unique sound appeal to the Warped Tour loving teens who like My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. There is something for everyone on a Snowball 37 album.

Why might you be interested?
Besides the music, Snowball 37 is constantly marketing via myspace. In the past year, they have turned 500 friends into over 10,000. Dave maintains a blog there and various members engage with fans from around the world. Most of the fans are in the targeted 18-35 age group.

Self promotion on Dave’s part landed Snowball their best gig to date. On April 19, 2008, Snowball 37 opened for Lez Zeppelin at The Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. They have also played venues like The Knitting Factory, The Stone Pony and Kenny’s Castaways.

The Fagan brothers appeared in “Strangers With Candy.” Tim’s line was “I wanna be a gangster with a crew, knee deep in bitches.” Cult following?

While their dreams are big, their egos are not. This makes it easy to work with them.

They love to play & are constantly seeking new outlets for their music, come see them when you have the chance, you won't regret it.