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SnowDial are a three-piece Dublin-based rock band that achieves the one thing every musician hopes to one day, to attain a genuine connection with their audience while still holding on to the raw emotion and perfect harmony only a handful of artists possess.

Eamonn Doyle (vocals and bass), Kathy Snowe (vocals and guitar), and Paul Doyle (drums) convey musical flexibility and artistic genius in their ability to play both acoustically and full rock.

Currently, they are working to promote their first release entitled Tonight, performing alongside fellow up and coming Irish talent such as: Murder Of Crows, Gary Dunne, Delorentos, Channel One, Adrian Crowley and My Cordouroy.

SnowDial are in the process of putting together a British tour set for October of 2006 and their music is available both on this site, and!



Set List

In Your Head
Follow You
Hear My Words
Trust In Me
Comin' On
Cool Day Risin'
Wake Up
Secret Name
Fall At Your Feet
Throw Me Away
This I Know
All My Answers
Clock Ticks Again...
High Time
All Apart