Seattle's Snowdrift threads tweaked samples of old Prokofiev recordings throughout vintage tone-layers of hollow-bodied guitars, electric piano, and a trap set. Timeless vintage vocals swell above the slow-core grooves. Dark and dreamy.


Snowdrift formed in winter of 2004, and signed to Paradigm Records (UK) with their debut full length in 2006. After 3 years of ambitious touring and playing a constant schedule of shows, they have bunked in for the winter to write and record their second release. They will be back on the stage in late Spring and touring the west coast again Summer 2007.

Snowdrift has loaded in and loaded out from venues such as Spaceland in LA, The Crocodile in Seattle, Smalls in Detroit, to Milwaukee's Cactus Club, and many more points in between.


"Snowdrift" (debut LP: Paradigms Recordings (UK))
- international podcasts and radio (including local station KEXP)

Ball of Wax-volume 6 NW indie music compilation CD
song-'dayside' (remix)

KDVS- UC Davis Radio Station 2006 Compliation CD
song-'katalina (remix)

"The Bird-Tree EP" (3-song EP: self-released)

Kat Terran released a CD in 2003, prior to joining snowdrift, her CD 'Lion and Blue' was promoted by AAM and played nationwide on college radio.

Set List

Typical set is 35-40 minutes (we can also play multiple 25 min. sets). We currently do not play any cover songs.

Song list: Carousel, hurricane, scorpion and the lion, aviary, darling, sleeping man, outlaw engineers