Snow White Trash

Snow White Trash


Dixie Chicks Meet Aerosmith


Puree Elly May Clampett, Johnny Ramone and Gene Vincent in a blender. Throw in a bit of malt liquor and sprinkle with a dash of Vic Mizzy. Voila! Snow White Trash.

Serving up their own brand of raunchabilly music – merging heapings of hard rock, blues, rockabilly and country -- this two-year old Tucker, Georgia quartet are often described as “Hee Haw gone bad” thanks in part to their entertaining live shows served with a side of rubber chicken and blow-up sheep.


The band’s first CD release Snow White Trash (Dec. 2002) dishes out surprises at every turn.

Have received radio and streaming airplay throughout the US & Europe. Contact management for up-to-date list.

Set List

Typical set list consists of 80 percent originals and 20 percent covers. (45 -60 min.)

Parodies and audience participation are a normal part of the Snow White Trash experience.

Snow White Trash is capable of playing 5 - 45 minute sets with no repeat of material if a majority of covers (1950s - 1970s) are desired.