Snozberry Studios

Snozberry Studios

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Electro - Soul - Pop. Crystalline piano synths powered by soaring vocal melodies & lush polyrhythmic percussion.


Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Snozberry Studios is a high energy live touring act. What began as a recording studio in 2009 has evolved into a live music spectacle, ranging in sounds from piano driven electronic beats to finger picking banjo crafted in the form of electro-soul-pop. The heart of the band relies on the alchemy of beat making mixed with live instrumentation creating a layered sound scape of polyrhythmic percussion, taking hints from Ray Charles to LCD Soundsystem, as well as the Gorillaz. Behind the sonic blessings lies Matt Tanner who's responsibility for writing, recording, and performing the music keeps him happily occupied. Having produced dozens of records, EPs, and singles for various recording artists around the world, Matt finally began working on new material for his debut album at the end of 2012.

Snozberry Studios first single ";)" Semicolon Parenthesis was released on October 24th 2012 as a collaboration with Denver based artist DeCollage. The official music video for the song was released months later in December via YouTube. Recorded in 40 hours between three different studios and four separate recording sessions, this highly addictive electro-pop gem carries you through glittery portals of pulsing electronic beats, crisp mellotronic flute keyboards, and soothing vocal harmonies.

Currently finishing up work on the debut LP titled "Love Cosmic Love," the band aims for a late 2013 release along with a west coast tour in support of the album. Influences include: Beck, Gorillaz, The Beatles, Radiohead, Air, Zero 7, RJD2, Ray Charles, Animal Collective, Otis Redding, LCD Soundsystem, Black Moth Super Rainbow, DJ Shadow, Earth Wind & Fire


;) Semicolon Parenthesis

Written By: Tanner & Fuchs

feeling quite strange and theres too much talk
never look back and youre never looking far
what do you have within your creases?
bluesy chains and phospherous, esoteric

whole step past a half wit holy man waiting on a tin can
disappear thru the thin lit hologram begging for another chance
feel the pulse and peel the blindfold
welcome to the big show i didnt know you didnt know
i didnt know you didnt know

indigo travel
electro ghetto
pop gem

indigo tribal
electro ghetto
pop gem


;) {Semicolon Parenthesis} - SINGLE released October 24th, 2012.

Set List

30 - 45 minutes of original music.

DJ Sets possible.