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Snub is a phenomenal lyricist. He has the rare ability to combine thought provoking lyrics, witty punchlines, socio-political commentary and raw braggadocio, creating songs that engage the listener in a way that's almost unheard of in the modern hip hop world.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Snub's journey to Hip Hop superstardom began at age 17. In the upcoming years he woulld accumulate numerous accolades and awards. Snub reached the finals in The Source Magazine's Unsigned Hype Battle, was featured in the film Hip Hop 4 Life, and was also labeled "The Total Package" by Cleveland's Scene Magazine. His reputation as a battle rapper began to grow as he was featured in the King's of the Iron Mic show in 2003 and again in 2005. Snub has always displayed a desire to improve his surroundings through his music, as evident by a benefit performance in Central Park in 2003- supporting The United Homeless Organization, and through his involvement with the National Hip Hop Pollitical Convention in 2004. In an effort to reach a broader audience, Snub left Cleveland for the East Coast. Once there, he generated a buzz in the Tri-State area, before finally settling down in Atlanta in late 2004. His success continued in 2005, as he won Amateur night at Club 112 and became the 2-time FFX poetry slam champ at the legendary Apache Cafe, all while still writing screenplays and acting (featured in the improv comedy troupe "The Amazing Racists"). In June of 2006, Snub was informed of his nomination as "Best Male Hip Hop Artist" and "Best Battle Rapper" in's Best of Ohio Contest.
Snub has left an indelible impression on all those fortunate enough to witness his talent. Through thought provoking lyrics ("..when the game stops, the king and the pawn end up in the same box."), witty commentary, and a magnetic personality- Snub has changed the way his listeners listen to Hip Hop.
Snub's influences include: Jay Z, Common, Ice Cube, and The Last Poets.


The 3 P's

Written By: Snub

They put the pressure on a ni**a and I ain't even blink.
They criticized me 'cause they said my flow made people think.
Now, in the past- that type of stress don' made people drink,
But my persistent resistance is what made me distinct.
You know how many times I heard
"Stop using them big words, start rapping 'bout flippin' birds and watch how quick your sh*t emerge".
But undisturbed, I did the only thing I knew-
Dropped thought provoking cuts like "Politics" and "What We Do".
Yeah, I been stressed out, no food on the table-
Spending my last dough on blank CD's and labels.
On stage damn near shorting the mic cable-
Off stage, trying to sell my CD and I wasn't able.
This is not exactly what I intended to happen
When I befriended Marlon Harper and we commenced with the rapping.
What happened to the glamour,
Amidst all the clamour-
I feel like sacrificing, start rappin' 'bout cockin' hammers.
But I'm not a glock buster-
Nor am I a spot rusher-
To be honest y'all a year ago, I was working at Blockbuster.
Just so happens I got a gift when I rip-
So shut your lips, open your minds and let me take you on a trip..

Diamonds And Wood

Written By: Snub

Homeboy locked up,
Homegirl knocked up,
Cops raise glocks up- hoping to clear the block up.
Ghetto Ni##as stock up on weapons that they can cock up-
It's Home Economics, he's learning to cook the rocks up.
Mom dukes stressed out-
Her youngest boy cessed out-
Runnin' around the club proclaiming that he's the best out.
Lights getting shut off,
Welfare cut off-
Politicians knocking off sluts to get a nut off.
And in the midst of all the tough luck,
The reefer's getting puffed up,
The liquor's getting sucked up-
We all just getting fuc#ed up.
Tonite we gon' wise up-
Open our eyes up,
And realize to brighten the skies, we gotta rise up.
Ghetto people stand up,
It's time to man up'
I'm rallying my fans up-
So throw your hands up.
Records getting scanned up,
We ain't seeing nann buck-
But we rap bragging 'cause we in a damn truck?

Don't Stop

Written By: Snub

I'm no gangsta- I'm far from it-
But dar-gum it if God give you a guitar strum it.
Henceforth I'm hopping out of my manager's car blunted.
Getting love from chicks with soft hair and hard stomachs.
Malicious and vicious,
Sadistic, ballistic-
I'm so artistic I'm borderline autistic.
(Umm Yes) I'm like that dude from Sling Blade-
Except I'm on the scene with crisp jeans and a clean fade.
Fresh to the death of me,
Pad to the left of me,
Pen to the right of me-
Homie stop biting me.
No wonder why you're spiting me-
Your wifey keeps inviting me
To pull an all nighty with my pipe up in her privacy.
You ain't no where near as live as me
So when your album sales drop, don't try to blame that shit on piracy.
I'm the one, don't believe me ask the two
He'll tell u first hand, it's hard stopping what I do...


"Get right or Get left", 2006
"The Epidemic", 2005
"Shock and Awe", 2004
"Purgatory", 2003
"Process of Emancipation" (single "Politics" #1)
"Saliva Monologues"

Set List

Set is typically 25-30 minutes (will easily increase, if requested). Usually performs songs from current CD, while mixing in some spoken word (depending on the venue), and freestyles. Live instrumentation is preferred, but not a necessity.