Snug is a DJ/producer on a mission to explore the deeper side of electronic music. Rather than focus on a specific genre he instead opts to create and share music with depth and soul as a common thread.


Adam McLellan, AKA Snug, is no stranger to electronic and computer-based music, having immersed himself in it since an early age. While many electronic music DJs and producers focus their energy towards dance floor-oriented music, Snug is more drawn to music with depth and emotion. While he won’t shy away from the challenge of getting a crowd moving, his true passion is making an audience feel, as can be heard in his productions, often dripping with melodies, harmonies and atmosphere.

Snug released his debut CD, entitled Time Travel, in 2010. It runs the gamut from downtempo to house to breaks to drum & bass. Since then he’s been honing his live performance chops with indie/pop band The WAX, electronic duo Arcadia Sound, live techno alter-ego Dr. Beardsley, and working on a new batch of solo material for release in 2012.


Solo releases:
Time Travel (2010)
Starstruck EP (forthcoming 2012)

Tracks appear on:
Laser Squid - Sounds from the Deep (2011)

The WAX - Lost Societies (2009)
Arcadia Sound - self-titled EP (2012)
The WAX - Waiting Room (forthcoming 2012)