Black Flag stomping Black Sabbath choking The Black Crowes wearing a Big Black T-shirt


WHO ARE SNÖWBLÖWER? SNÖWBLÖWER are a 4-man band who have seen the future of rock 'n roll--- and it's in their pants. Formed at the Dawn Of The 39th Year Of Zenta 2006, the members of SNÖWBLÖWER met at a KISS/DOCTOR WHO/GARDEN GNOME convention in Windsor, Ontario on Halloween 2005. Reconvening in Toronto, they conspired to forge a sound that would "dominate a lunchtime and be bigger than Jesus". Having all just been kicked-out of their previous bands for insolent behavior, the boys wasted no time recording and promoting their first e.p. 'MAYDAY', in preparation for a full-length album to be recorded March 2007. The members of SNÖWBLÖWER are a local No-Star Team, with all members having been in previous touring bands, notably CITIZEN KILL, MALHAVOC, PROFESSOR PLUM, COLD ALICE, GASH, and THE WASTED GARBAGEMEN. All the members of SNÖWBLÖWER are between the ages 24-29. All the members of SNÖWBLÖWER are dedicated to heaviness and beauty. They all stay up way too late.


I Won't Eat

Written By: SnowBlower

Drink your cup,
It's Half empty,
Suck it up, at pennies a glass
It's not for Free!

Fill my Plate,
But I won't eat
I can't say what I want,
And then I can't
F#%kin' breathe!

It's your Take
on what I need,
I Won't Eat, no baby, I Won't Eat
You can Bake
and offer Treats, but
I Won't Eat, no baby, I Won't Eat

Got me Drunk
on Stronger Stuff
My Ship's Sunk
And I woke up
feeling pretty Rough!

If I try
Your Drug of Choice
I can't die
But I end up losing my Voice!

Its your Take....etc


Mayday, 4 song EP, unreleased

Set List

30 - 40 min. 9 to 11 songs
1 or 2 covers per set;
Sabbath, MC5, Ramones, Bowie