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"Type 3 Media Artist Spotlight"

Editor's Pick:

TAINTED's music caught my attention immediately. The rough mixes from their upcoming release, produced by Brett Hestla, sound better than a lot of band's final mixes. The song-writing is strong, and very true to the influences they list in their bio. Tim Boknecht's powerful vocal really carry the tunes well and help separate TAINTED from the rest of the pack. Don't be surprised if you start to see a lot more from this band very soon. - Type 3 Media


By: Bob Ciampaglia

Formed in 2004, Tainted takes the aggressiveness of today’s alternative hard rock and mixes it with powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics, and powerful textures. Influences here are drawn from Staind, Disturbed, Seether, and Creed. These bands play hard rock and also make sure there is something to say with almost every song.

Vocalist and guitarist Tim Boknecht projects the proper attitude and the vocals to match. His crunching chords are well framed by the leads provided by Moe Gerard as well as being used as an excellent accent to the vocals. Kevin Harman on bass and newcomer Jonny K on drums form a top notch and tight rhythm section.

“Distracted” and “Unseen” really highlight the band’s features and strengths. Both are powerful tracks and draw heavy on their influences while putting their own stamp on them “21st Century Freedom” has Pearl Jam and Godsmack textures and vocal styles that work well.

I was reviewing the lyrics to the 3 songs I had the pleasure to listen to. In “Distracted” and “21st Century Freedom,” Boknecht writes about what could be the state of our union and the state of our excess. “Distracted” uses a lot of football metaphors. It’s as if we are running out of time and we don’t have our eyes on the true goals of this country any longer and the distraction is coming from our “leaders.” Hmmm….. I believe the best lyric I read here was in “21st Century Freedom” where Boknecht writes about our dependence on credit cards when he writes “…Debt, it’s everywhere you want to be.” That’s so true.

I enjoyed listening to Tainted. The songs are strong; the messages are relevant, though somewhat cryptic. That doesn’t matter, though. The whole package will get you head banging from the start.

[ See this review for yourself at: ] - Indie In-Tune

"TAINTED Aims to Deliver 'Honest Rock'"

Tainted aims to deliver 'honest rock'

The band recently shot a video and will be performing around town, including Saturday at J.C.' s House of Rock.


The Wichita Eagle

Rock group Tainted has learned a few things about self-reliance along the way. Things such as perseverance and hard work, for instance.

"It's really about drive," said lead vocalist and guitar player Tim Boknecht.

That drive will be apparent to fans over the next few weeks as Tainted performs a string of gigs around Wichita, begins work on its next CD and sees one of its songs, "Distracted," included in a compilation disc being distributed nationally.

The band's next gig is at 9:30 p.m. Saturday at J.C.' s House of Rock, 2600 S. Oliver. Cover is $5, and the bands Stereoside and Strong Point also are scheduled to play.

On Thursday, Tainted will perform at J.C.' s with Jani Lane, former lead vocalist and songwriter for the '80s glam metal band Warrant. The cover is $15.

"I'd love to be this busy all the time with the band," Boknecht said in a recent interview over lunch at an Old Town restaurant.

The band -- whose members also include Moe Girard, Kevin Harman and Jonny K -- recently completed shooting a video for its song "21st Century Freedom." The video was shot in about 10 hours on a Sunday afternoon in Old Town.

"This is something we've tried to do a couple of times with our performances but we never had enough" material, Boknecht said. "So we decided to do a guerrilla shot. We took over a city parking lot. We shot the video, picked up and left."

Boknecht plans to edit the video over the next couple of weeks and load it onto the band's Web site, its MySpace page and

Next up is recording its first full-length CD, following a five-track release, "Bridging the Gap," in May 2006.

The band, which lists its musical influences as Alice in Chains, Green Day, Metallica, Foo Fighters and Pantera, has purchased its own recording equipment.

"It made sense to us," Boknecht said. "We'll try it. If it doesn't work out, we'll liquidate the equipment and use the money to record."

He hopes the new CD will show the band's growth in what he describes as a "heavy, honest rock" sound.

"I say honest because our music comes from a place that not every band's music comes from," he said. "It's about expressing the passion that you have and your ideas and feeling honest, open and exposed."

Writing songs is always a challenge for him, Boknecht said.

"I'm slow at writing lyrics," he said. "It's gotta be just so."

He's looking forward to the release of a compilation CD called "KC Rockers for Life," to which Tainted contributed the track "Distracted." Proceeds from the CD's sales will go to help raise awareness of teen drunken driving. It's a cause the members of Tainted can support.

"Our theme is unity of mankind," Boknecht said. "Come together and not tear each other apart."



What: The Wichita rock band will perform two concerts in the next week

Where: J.C.' s House of Rock, 2600 S. Oliver

When: 9:30 p.m. Saturday with bands Stereoside and Strong Points, and 8 p.m. Thursday with Jani Lane, former lead singer for the band Warrant

How much: Cover is $5 Saturday and $15 Thursday.
- Wichita Eagle

"Award: "Unseen" wins Hard Rock Track of the Day"

TAINTED (USA)'s song, "Unseen" will be featured as's Hard Rock Track of the Day on Sunday, the 6th of April, 2008.

posted Sunday, Mar 30, 2008 at 00:05am -


One of the best raw sounding bands that I've heard in a while is Tainted from Kansas. The strong guitar riffs and vocals take charge of each song from beginning to end. Fans of Disturbed, Sevendust, and Seether would absolutely love this band. The lyrics are powerfully emotional, and lets you into the singer's heart in their music. The music provides a perfect compliment to the lyrics. This band has a great overall sound. Both men and women can really enjoy this band, which is a great thing to say about any band. Be on the lookout for Tainted, because their future could be as good as this band's sound comes across. - Target Audience Magazine

"Review: Sons of One – Just One Thing"

Warning: Do not be fooled by the delicate and peaceful piano intro on Sons of One’s new album Just One Thing. Give it about fifty seconds and then you’ll get kicked in the face by hard riffs and an edgy voice telling us he’s here to sing and shout his heart out. “Raison D’etre” is a simple song that makes a proclamation as to why the band is here. Like any good band, these four men, from Wichita, Kansas, are here to make music and be heard. This is a fun and catchy tune that’ll make a good opener at concerts. Well, it’s about as “fun” as an alternative rock song can get. Just One Thing is an album that grows on you with each listen. The first listen is passive and it’s something to fill the empty silence. But with each subsequent listen, you hear something new each time and learn to appreciate the strum of each note or the sound of each cymbal crash.

No hard rock album is ever complete without the soft rock ballad. It’s become a standard that these brutish men must always show their delicate side, most likely to prove to the female fans that they have a heart. “Who I Am” peels back the protective layer to reveal the fragile, emotional interior that we all try to hide. The song is warm and inviting, yet it’ll still knock you down with relentless force. The ferocity increases tenfold on the latter half of the album —as if to prove their might. “I Know” makes you doubt every lyric sang on “Who I Am” as singer Tim Bravo tells us he “Can be a real son of a bitch.”

Lyrically, this album is a catharsis for our negativity, our angst, and our fears. By the time I make it to “Born of Frustration” I feel completely wiped out emotionally. Although I had listened to this song twice before, it wasn’t until my third listen that I actually let the lyrics sink in and it made me almost want to cry. This song can resonate with us all because we have all been to the breaking point, the edge of our sanity. Tim asks, “Give me a sign . . . / Cause hope is getting harder to find.” This melodic beauty just climbed it’s way to the top of my favorite song list in a matter of minutes.

Sons of One give us that edge we’ve been looking for without being over the top. Just One Thing combines sharp riffs, soaring guitar solos, precision drumming, and unforgettable vocals and lyrics. It’s an album you can bang your head to, but more importantly, it’s an album you can connect with and relate to. -


Just One Thing, Oct 2009
*Instrumental cuts available!

Bridging the Gap EP, 2006

3 songs from the EP have been released to broadcast radio in the states, and all 5 can be heard on Armed Forces Network radio in Afghanistan. S.O.1 can be heard on a number of internet radio stations, including Hollywood Music TV and Storm Radio.



Sons of One, known to their fans as SO1 (pronounced So-One), is a heavy-hitting independent band with a message and a mission: To rock your face off while spreading unity and self-realization to this one world!

Hailing from middle America, the band formed in 2008 around the core of the group TAINTED; Tim Bravo on vocals and guitar, Kevin Harman on bass, and J Kilo on drums. The group rounded out their lineup with new guitarist Sheldon Wallis.

Sons of One recorded in the summer of 2008 with producer Brett Hestla of Dark New Day and Creed fame in his Orlando, FL studio. They’re currently planning the independent release of their debut album “Just One Thing” for October 16, 2009.