Soap is an experimental rock fusion jam band whose clean sound has refreshed thousands throughout the country. Their unique sound is a hybrid of rock, jazz, bluegrass, blues and funk combined with stunning solos accompanied by ambitious melodies and harmonies.


From Chicagoland, IL, currently living in Minneapolis, MN

Picking up your life and relocating isn’t the easiest thing to do by any stretch of the imagination; however when the reason behind it is to fuel your passion, the decision is already made. Soap formed in a Chicago suburb five years ago; a five piece band driven by melody. After undergoing a number of changes, the remaining members up and moved to the twin cities to pursue academics in music and take lessons from some of the finest the area has to offer. After having re-arranged their lineup, ability and sound; the ensemble emerged on the Minneapolis music scene with a splash. In only a short time here the group has already performed at some of Minnesota’s biggest music festivals; Log Jam, Fat Fest, and 10KLF. Beyond summer performances, they’ve successfully secured a weekly show at the downtime in Dinkytown, as well as gathered loyal attendance. The (now) four piece experimental group combines influences from across the board; drawing from rock, jazz, blues, funk and pop. The resulting sound is a unique collage of musical ideas that move and capture an audience. Never stopping, Soap is forever learning, changing, and aiming to please.

“Lather” is Soap’s second full length CD release. Offering eleven dynamic songs, it is a truly inspired blend by one of today's most gifted bands. “Lather” is a unique album that values the unknown areas of improvisation as much as the construction of towering compositions. On “Lather,” listeners are treated to lush, polyrhythmic tones that crackle with the brainy togetherness of jazz and the freewheeling attitude of rock. With hints of funk and fusion, Soap’s sound takes on a life of its own. Guitar solos are alternately ferocious and restrained, keyboards break the surface of the music and plunge back into its depths, and the drums and bass provide a constant backdrop of eclectic rhythm.

The CD was recorded at Apocalypse Cow, in Montgomery, IL, and mixed and mastered by Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc in Ashland, VA. Three singles “Out of Luck”, “Penguin”, and “Miles Dankis” from “Lather” were released for radio airplay in March 2006.

For more information please contact:

Gary Gaskin
Digitone Records
(800) 595-4937

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"Soap" - Aug. 31, 2004
©2004 Soap/Digitone Records

"Lather" - March. 21st, 2006
©2006 Digitone Records

"The Quick Of It" - Sept. 4th, 2007
©2007 Digitone Records

Set List

30-40 Original Songs
4 Hours Split Into Two Sets

Soap performs original music.

'But' at times has performed the following covers:

46 Days- Phish
All Along the Watchtower- Bob Dylan
Ants Marchings- Dave Matthews Band
Baba O'Riley- The Who
Basketcase- Green Day
Breath- Pink Floyd
Buffalo Soldier- Bob Marley
Bug- Phish
Charector Zero- Phish
Cities- Talking Heads
Clocks- Coldplay
Cocaine- Eric Clapton
Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd
Doin Time- Sublime
Down- Widespread Panic
Down with disease- Phish
Down on the Corner- Credance Clearwater Revival
Fire on the Mountain- The Greatful Dead
Forgot About Dre- Eminem
Good Times Bad Times- Led Zepplin
Halloween- Dave Matthews Band
Longview- Green Day
Livin Lovin Maid- Led Zepplin
Heavy Things- Phish
Hey Joe- Jimi Hendrix
Misty Mountain Hop- Led Zepplin
Moby Dick- Led Zepplin
Peaches- The Presidents of the United States of America
Plush- Stone Temple Pilots
Possum- Phish
Roadhouse Blues- The Doors