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The Soapbox Radio is a band that puts on a show like no other. with the use of acoustic guitar, lead electric guitar, and the great harmonies the group dynamic of Soapbox Radio always gives the audience what it want's and is experience no one should miss.


The Soapbox Radio is a live music force that has burst onto the Dallas music scene like wildfire. Soapbox Radio was formed in 2007 by Joel Clarke, who started it as a solo acoustic act. After many performances and multiple shows trying to find the right mix and sound with many musicians, Joel found William Velzquez, introducing bass solos, and vocal harmonies. This innovative band has great original music, but they also put their own unique twist on classic hits from artists such as Prince, Bon Jovi, Tom Petty, The Black Crows, Matchbox 20, Katy Perry, The Ting Tings and many more.

Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter, Joel Clarke, has just the right blend of talent to mimic acoustic, emotional, and melodic sounds such as Collective Soul, Black Lab, The Nixons, Jackson Browne, and Muse. Joel has the passion and drive to back up these sounds with an authentic and terrifically powerful voice. Joel’s modeling background contributes to his great stage presence, and his quick wit assures great rapport with any audience. Consequently, crowds can’t help but get involved in every performance.

Josh found his way into music at the early age of 12 in school as a percussionist. He found further interest in the drum kit at the age of 13 when he received his first set. Playing in the school drum line was his route to musical satisfaction throughout school. After school, Josh found his way into numerous Dallas local bands and continued to play drums in local venues also playing for Wade Bowen. After joining The SoapBox Radio he exploded in the pool of talent.

William is a world traveler and a man of the people. When he was only 9 he traveled on humanitarian relief effort to teach koalas bears with tooth decay how to brush and floss. The results of this effort backfired as koalas gained so much self esteem that they turned on humans, attacking schools and retirement homes first to weed out the weak.

After graduating High School William became a prolific inventor, holding many US patents.Some of his invetions are the "Glow-YO"(a combination glow-in-the-dark yo-yo and finger nail clipper) and "Mustard"( yellow condiment used to flavor poor people food).

Once in college, after attending a course on french culture things changed for the handsome and enigmatic William. The only logical place for him to go would be Mime College.William loved being a mime, he even thought about donating his tongue to science and live in a silent world. Before he took out his tongue, William suffered a devastating mime accident that ended his career. He got trapped inside and invisible box for three days.Finally Mime Paramedics where able to release him and give him simulated treatment. After all this William was never seen again.

Oh yeah! He played bass once with some bands!

To the delight of their legion of fans, The Soapbox Radio has scheduled their own studio work with the goal of completing and releasing their first CD. The CD will showcase their professional abilities and is sure to be a hit.
Soapbox Radio puts on an exciting and powerful show in every venue, gets the crowd involved early, and keeps them on their feet throughout each performance.

Past and Present Venues
The Absinthe Lounge The Little Apple Banters Omni Hotel
Tin Spirits The Liquid Lounge Club DaDa Willy's Gun Shop
The Garage White Rock Coffee Krisites Gezellig
The Aardvark Maya Tequila Bar Blue Canyon Live @ Mokah
Reno's Chop Shop The White Elephant Lakewood Bar and Grill T's Bar & Grill
Texas Songwriter's Festival
Whiskey & Rye (Omni Hotel FT. Worth)
Arapaho Pub& Grill
Jake's Hamburgers
The Glass Cactus
The Lemon Bar
The Frisco Bar


Fall Down

Written By: Joel Clarke

You've been hurt, and you've been robbed
You got some secrets you'll never speak of

So you run to your dark place,
But the shadows wont, cure your tattered soul
Your tattered soul.

So I'll fall down
from the gates of heaven above and.
I'll take you,
Higher then those golden arches can reach.
You'll look back,
see that world you left behind.
And you'll thank me,
For being there for you.

Wipe those tears off of your eyes,
Theres no more reasons for you to cry.
Stand up and walk upright,
Hold your head up you beat the night.
You beat the night.

So I'll fall down
from the gates of heaven above and.
I'll take you,
Higher then those golden arches can reach.
You'll look back,
see that world you left behind.
And you'll thank me,
For being there for you.


Currently in the studio recording first album.

Set List

The Soapbox Radio typical set list range from their own original songs that has quickly received a fan base in the DFW area and he quickly spreading throughout Texas. Typically The SoapBox Radio has about an 2 hour show of original music.

The SoapBox Radio is also a cover band that has enough material for a 5-hour show.

The cover songs range from current artist,s alternative radio airplay to classic artist from 70's, 80's and 90 with Soap Box Radio's which they put their own unique spin on.

Below is a sample of our set list it is much longer

The Ting Tings - Thats not my name
sublime----what i got
Theory of a Deadman - Bad Girlfriend
12min Hip Hop Medley
George Michael - Faith
Lit - My own worst enemy
Poison - Talk Dirty
Britney Spears - Baby one more time
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
def leppard----pour some sugar on me
Korn - Word UP
4 non blondes------whats up
Weezer------say it aint so
matchbox 20------3am