Soaring Over Stars

Soaring Over Stars

 Thomasville, Georgia, USA

We sound like Attack Attack! and Silverstein. Our sound is heavy(not too heavy) and Energetic. Our music makes you feel alive!


Soaring Over Stars was formed in the spring of 2010. They started writing there full length album, "The Movement", during summer 2010. They stepped into the studio to work with the producers:Josh Freeman, Caleb Brogan, and Aj Stanton. Editing was done by Josh Freeman. Our influences were Abandon All Ships, The Devil Wears Prada, and Attack Attack. What separates us from other bands is that we found different sounds and mixed those sounds together so that fans would have a favorite band #2. But our #1 reason is to worship christ our creator. We believe that we can reach people that are unsaved to christ through christian metal. Our music talks about our God, mistakes, and corrections.


Full Length albums- The Movement
Single- this guilty innocence