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| Established. Jan 01, 2017

Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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The best kept secret in music


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Hustler. Songwriter. Lyricist. Analyst.Hippie. Genius.
These words all connect through one name: Soash Harrison.

Born in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, Soash Harrison was exposed to music at an early age.
"My father used to put on 98.1 fm....the oldies on everynight when i was a kid
it served as a much needed interruption to the sound of gunshots."

His mother was never around. His father raised four kids with the undying aid
of his mother(Soash's Grandma), Grace Wilson. He says listening to other genres
of music, being exposed to different cultures and experiencing life helped mold his musical

Most of his music is reminiscent of his childhood. Though he finds himself trying not to refer to the absence
of his mother as much, she always seems to creep into the subject matter:

"i started rapping while watching mtv jams and bet in the early 90's.
i used to write rhymes against my brothers in the late 80's. i
would always talk about positive things at first, because i was
young and when u get older and exposed to
different things, it broadened my lyrics, and subject matter.
i started rapping because i was always said to be funny and quick witted.
so i thought if i can diss people, make the masses laugh, and/or embarrass
people, i could be an MC. i was always fly. no matter my income, or what
my clothing selection was. i was thought to always be keen and fast
with replies of the top of my head.."

His influences are quite extensive for his age.

"I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. I love The Beatles, Nas, N*E*R*D, Jay-Z, Etta
James, Dr. Dre, Floetry, RunDmc, 50 Cent, Mariyln Manson,
Alchemist, The Temptations, Kanye West, Feist, Kweli,... I
just love good music. Good music is theraputic."

"I will record anywhere that sounds good enough to put"
Soash spends countless hours in the studio, perfecting his craft
and his signature sound. "Royce Holiday (MMM's studios) means so much to me because
when I literally didn't have anywhere else to go to record, I could just go
into my homies crib and bleed on tracks." In this studio is
where most (if not all) of Soash Harrison's music is made. "Don't get me
wrong," continues Harrison. "I can produce good music in other studios's
it;s just that, it's a special process that i go through with Royce where i am
always satisfied with the finished product."

All the people that worked with Soash Harrison or have seen him in the
studio all say the same thing: The boy is super NICE.
My younger years....were about family, 1 sister and 3 bros.
we didnt have a lot of money, but we stayed as fresh as possible.
Hand me downs sucked because my brother was a lot bigger that i was.
i was always into rapping...i wanted to be an artist and a rap star.
i have been writing raps since i was 6. i always stood out from
my other siblings...everyone had a title...i was the 2nd born son, so
i really didnt have a significant title. Tim was "the oldest"
Chavon was "the only girl," Terrell was "the baby," so i had nothing
to, i became "the smartest."

He proclaims with immense conviction,"i see me in the future. all over the media in a positive way.
i am the new breed of hip hop,
not rap. anyone can rap. but not everyone can zone out and get their hip hop on. word.
i do that....i write rhymes. i think its getting back to that....for a while, even now, people
are fascinated with saying, "i dont even write raps" be lyin. i guess if
jay-z says it, its cool...nah nigga IM cool...follow in yourself, and dream forever...
for only then you will be able to live forever".

my career thus far includes performances all around the tri-state area. open mics as well.
im everywhere i gotta be. wether its community events or personal shows that i
set up, or am invited to. im grinding...i turn down nothing, i have something to prove.
a few mixtape appearances including DJ Bobby Blasts Certified Gangstas Mixtape with dipset.
a few ovrseas features which include, but arent limited to
the UK, Londontown, Sweden and Australia. through my own gettin it in.

His debut solo album/mixtape entitled "The Cultr Shokd Kid" basically about
a kid(me) who is from the hood, and was moved to the was actually a
total culture shock indeed. its how i came to be. a mesh of all styles
and cultural ideas and sounds. its like a hip hop musikal, genre switching melting pot.
i am also a few trax into the next cd, entitled "Paintbrushes, Microphones & Speakers

For more information on Soash Harrison, and
upcoming projects, call Terrance Wilson at (609) 694-8259 or
soash harrison @
soash harrison
soash harrison
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soash harrison