So At Last

So At Last


Think, "U2, Radiohead and Coldplay join forces and crash into Jimmy Eat World and the Foo Fighters". The sound is eclectic the intensity is vigorous, and the landscapes are borderline-glorious. Melodic and able to rock your face right off, all at the same time.


Love is in the core of So At Last. It's the fuel that sparks their purpose. It's the purpose that drives their very being. Music is what makes their hearts beat faster; yet, simply, just an outlet to do what they exist to do. So At Last exists to bring love to the masses.

On stage, their landscapes will capture you, the intensity will make you move, and melodies will ring in your ears for days on end. The passion and conviction of their music shines through their live performance. They do what they love, and love what they do.


Rough "Self-Titled" EP

Set List

Blue Sky, Whirlwind, Black & White, Uncertainty, Aware, Poetry, Eternity