SoberThoughts - By Rob Hackenson

SoberThoughts - By Rob Hackenson


Sober Thoughts is an educational lecture on substance awareness and positive decision-making that won't put your students to sleep. "Edutainer" Rob Hackenson uses his unique skills of mind magic and skit hypnosis, along with videos and personal stories to engage and educate your students.


After graduating from Western New England College in 2004 Rob Hackenson decided to follow his passion and use his unique skills of mind magic and hypnosis to deliver educational and motivational lessons.

It is his belief that when audiences are bored the important messages are being lost, and he found that magic, illusions, and hypnosis were great way to deliver important messages in an engaging and memorable way.

Since then Rob has edutained fortune 500 companies, schools k-12, and college students and professionals across the country on a number of important topics.

His unique style has also earned him numerous appearances on the FOX morning show and featured articles in the Boston Herald and other media outlets across the nation.

Set List

Ladder of life (illusion)

Audience provides - How certain decisions of drug and alcohol use can affect your ladder of life

Power of perceptions (illusion)

False perceptions of college (video)

How to make smart decisions (mind magic)