Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
BandHip HopR&B

S.O.B.Trifecta Music Group is a 3 Headed Music Producing Monster. Were here to put some NEW into "OLD SKOOL"HIP-HOP and R&B. Legends in our hometown, ben creatin spine tinglin,head bangin tracks mixed with soul stiring lyrical stories; since the late 90's. BUT as individuals,we in deeper than that!


S.O.B.TrifectaMusicGroup is a joint venture between members of the rap group S.O.B.(DaddySlim,X,SunShine) & BigYeLLaBeaTs (BIGYellA) We were raised during the late DISCO, P-FUNK and early HIP-HOP eras, so we have some heavy influences.The eighties probly molded us the most. And who weve become is revealvd as follows...

DaddySlim,born KennethDawsonJenkinsJr. is a self-described broke millionaire. He is full of creative ideas and inventions. He grew up around music. His father(& his grandmother) played guitar and his father was the lead singer of the local R&B band Soul Ilulision. some of his inflrences are, rip Michael Jackson,Sugar Hill Gang, DOUG E fresh, & OutCast.As early as age 4, DaddySlim played Drums & practiced his dance moves. He use to round up the neighborhood kids& form bands and parades; later, shuttin down dance crews all thru high school as a member of K-chill & DA Geek Boys.Eventually, he would help create one of Knoxville's most popular Rap groups - S.O.B. (sons of burlington) Though their fame was short lived, people still want to hear new music from the pioneers of Hip HOP in east Tennessee.

X a.k.a. Traffic was born Xavier Jenkins. He grew up alongside his cousin DaddySlim, listenin to music and performin with him as a child. He is an original member of S.O.B. (incomplete)



Written By: Shannon Harper

you who are the lite, that guides me on the right path,
while I'm on my quest for righteousness,
you give me strength, you keep my faith strong and on your word, I place my trust, HOPE is my daily bread,
on it i buil my faith, I'll never want for anything more...
cause you are the only, sustainer, you bring me JOY

joy,joy joy joy,joy joy joy joy

when I'm feeling low, or when fear surrounds me
you pick me up when i fall, I praise you GOD for mercy,
specially in my darkest hour
even at my proudest moment
you keep deliverin me, you never leave me lonely
you opened my eyes now i can see
a sinner lost, thank GOD i'm free
brought me thru, so many situations
never put on me more than i can carry...

cause you, are the only sustainer you bring me JOY

joy joy joy, JOY, joy joy joy

from the early dawn, til sunset, i'm servin you lord
strivin my best brought me thru so many situations
never put on me, more than I can carry....