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"Toonage Does Indie Week 2007"

Here's a review of a performance back in late 2007. You can find the review in its entirety at:

"About half way through their set and I found myself downstairs listening to Social Clash, another Toronto based act that really impressed me. Not only was their set energetic but they also had good powerful songs to back them up! I'd like to see how this group develops over the years but for now I suppose they'll have to hold onto what they've got – because it works!..."
*** - Nick "Sputnick" Hanekom at

"Review: Social Clash - Demo"

Social Clash – Demo
2008, Social Clash

Social Clash is a young, energetic rock band ripping it up on the Toronto scene. Young and inexperience, they make up in energy and chutzpah what they’ve yet to acquire. Frank (Vocals), Carlos (guitars), Jon (drums), Davin (bass) and Mike (guitars) don’t waste your time onstage. They launch into their big, heavy rock tunes with abandon and panache. Social Clash submitted a demo for review. Here’s what we heard.

Social Clash has that hungry energy that allows bands to rocket to stardom. Even on CD they come across full of a rambunctious kick that would play wonderfully well live. Big guitar rock songs built on strong, hooks and melodies that are very hummable makes for a great start. Opening with Give Me A Chance, Social Clash goes right for the throat with a fast paced, stripped down rocker. The Lo-Fi effect works particularly well in creative a live sound what makes for great listening. Count You Out is probably the most commercial song here, and with a little mastering is probably radio ready right out of the box.

One On One is built on a great guitar riff. The song is very melodic and Frank is in fine vocal form. The guitar/bass builds tension in the verse until resolving either into a sun-shiny bridge or a driving chorus. Manners Matter is the heaviest song here and is definitely not for lightweights, even as it retains the pop sensibility that Social Clash displays. For More is a mellow turn at a ballad that sounds somewhat out of character for Social Clash. The song is quite good, although the vocals here are mix way too low. Restless is another highly commercial song (as in The Edge or other modern rock format). It’s the sort of song you might hear on a horror film soundtrack, and still maintains that inspired pop underbelly that seems to run through Social Clash’s songs.

Social Clash brings it, there’s no other way to put it. A heavy rock band that walks the line between pop/metal and progressive rock can be either a disaster or a joy to listen to. Social Clash is the latter. They retain the slightly disheveled sound that marked the best of the punk bands and the driving energy that makes for a real shot at success. Social Clash’s demo is a snapshot of a band on the way up. It’s just a question of how high.

article published at - Wildy's World

"Best Thing Since Sliced Bread and Nutella - Ryerson Radio Acostic Interview"

"The best thing since sliced bread and nutella..."

Submitted by lama_balaghi on Tue, 03/24/2009 - 9:53pm.

The archive is up!!

They might just be the best thing since sliced bread and nutella....

I'm talking about SOCIAL CLASH!

Tune in to hear them perform live and learn more about the band... and the man who has most shoes in the world...

And catch the band at their upcoming show with the Eatons and Isle of Thieves in Toronto!
Where: Mitzi’s Sister

554 Queen Street West

When: Friday, April 10th.

Only $5!!

And there will be free lighters...
And check out the band's website:

Until next time, take it easy!

-Lulu - Ryerson Radio Presents: "Live and Local" w Lama Balaghi -

"PUNKMEUP.COM Montreal Review"


Semaine du 14 Janvier 2009

Ville d'origine: Toronto
Label: Aucun
Style: Indie / Rock / Alternatif
Pièce favorite:Give Me A Chance

SOCIAL CLASH étaient justement de passage à Montréal vendredi dernier. On a eu droit à une bonne performance de leur assortiment de indie, de pop, d'alternatif et de punk. Ils offrent un mélange dynamique et rafaîchissant qui saura plaire à tout amateur de musique. SOCIAL CLASH produisent un son différent, qui porte cette énergique et agressive conviction qui déteint de tout ce que vous entendrez sur votre radio. - PUNKMEUP


First Album - SOCIAL CLASH.

Social Clash is on radio rotation with:

The Verge XM Satelitte Radio - Toronto, Canada - Toronto, Canada - Toronto, Canada
Maximum Threshold Radio
Reddog Radio - Paris, France
Riot Radio - Oshawa, Canada - Toronto, Canada

You can also visit the bands website, for more info and music on the band.



There is one fundamental philosophy behind what Social Clash is about and out to do with music, infect you with their art. And they do just that!

After not only hearing but seeing Social Clash, it becomes obvious why they're able to do just that. Their fan base continues to grow because of their dedication to putting on shows that belong in arenas. Blinding Lights, curtains, themes, movement, and audience involvement are key factors to a SC show. They set out to make sure that you get to see an original show... if the lights allow it. Social Clash finds that unmistakable urge to drive listeners and concert goers alike to move, dance, or just loose it with their originality live.

Having anthemic tracks, an enormous soundscape of crushing guitars, raw rock beats, hit after hit of contagious choruses and no sign of stopping sure helps. Social Clash makes sure that you no longer walk, you dance!

Social Clash formed in their hometown of Toronto, Canada in 2006. The band's makeup is that of vocalist and visual artist Frank Piro, chemists/alchemists Carlos Fachada and Mike Husiak, curator Davin Kiss, and cartographer Jon Husiak.

Shortly after recording their first round of demos, they caught the attention of fans and music industry alike with showcases at Toronto Indie Week, the Toronto Independent Music Awards, Key Music Group, Pure Grain Audio, Barrie New Music Festival, and finishing 2nd at the 2009 Ontario University Campus Explosion held at all major Universities and Colleges in Ontario.

Currently songs such as "One on One", "Count You Out", "Manners Matter", and "Give Me a Chance" are in rotation on campus radio stations across Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia and internet radio stations such as The Verge XM, Punkradiocast, and Indielove Radio to name a few.

Nominated this year as one of Toronto's Top Live acts of 2009 by the Toronto Independent Music Awards Commitee, the band has managed to attract the attention of Mike Langford (Engineer/Mixer to some artists such as Sloan, Hawksley Workman, Evans Blue, and Isle of Thieves). Langford loved their explosive high energy performance, hypnotic melodies, and crushing guitar angst. The band is currently focused on recording their first full-length album with Langford expected to be released by summer 2009.

Expect an all out, fast paced, heavy dance brawl as Social Clash turns any venue into their own sweaty dance floor.