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The best kept secret in music


"SOCIAL DISEASE...anti-social, hateful, and bellowing!!"

Social Disease has been doing its dirty work for a number of years and "Decades of Disease" is an ugly skullfuck of its old school touched grindcore madness. Representing a span of years, "Decades of Disease" shows the band infecting the world with its sickness, bashing out a brand of grind that hearkens back to the genres formative years when it could still be seen to have stylistic ties to the rawness of punk and hardcore. Of course, this isn't to say that grind has necessarily lost its rawness - though there are plenty of technical grind acts out there - but grind these days is much more specifically a metal personality. Social Disease is a vile, crunchy band destined to offend normals and delight the fringe with its crusty production, hateful lyrics, bellowing attitude and all-around antisocial behavior. (Of course, you do realize this is a good review, right? And, naturally, if you're at all enlightened and not a moral snob/prude, you'll be open to the social commentary pumping through the madness herein.)

Kristofer Upjohn -

"Holy Hate Thrash"

SOCIAL DISEASE – “Decades Of Disease” (Self/Indie)
Style – Grindcore/Hate thrash
Origin – Long Island, NY
Dion’s Review – Well! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, didn’t they?! I listen to some damned aggressive, heavy, guttural, irate shit that has been likened by family members to “someone fixing a lawnmower”, “a V8 driving without engine-mounts” and “your old Aunty Kevin making pooh after chilli night”. But nothing conveys animosity, belligerence and downright pissed-off-itry like a big, hairless red-faced ball of frustration trying to strangle an innocent microphone whilst bellowing “You must fry! You will die!”. Enter Tom Bush, Social Disease’s own personal ball of frustration.
I have to admit that I don’t really get the genre “grindcore”. Most of what’s been classified to me as grindcore can be stuffed into another overly-full genre. Thrash, punk, hardcore, death. And I know there are people reading this going cross-eyed and yelling “IDIOT!” at their monitor, ready to rattle off 20-odd grindcore bands. Well, don’t bother. These guys call themselves grindcore, and that‘s good enough for me. It’s fast, it’s hate-filled, and features the “Pierced From Within” drummer Doug Bohn… before he recorded that greatest of Suffocation albums. Social Distortion‘s “Decades Of Disease” is just what it says. It’s 27 tracks of two sessions recorded in ‘87 and ‘89. But this release is just to tide you over ‘til a more current recording is released. Social Disease recently reformed and entered the studio in spring to unleash more aural disgruntlement upon the music-going world. Good for them, I say! It’ll be one more resurrection in this planet’s rich “back from the dead” history. Kiss, The Police, Alvin and the Chipmunks. And do I even need to mention a little holiday called Easter? - Adrenilin Metal Union




Feeling a bit camera shy


In the beginning there were two bands banging up the north shore of long island in 1985. Fat Stan, from Setauket and Mystema, from sound beach. Both bands brutalized fans with cover music from bands like, DRI, Slayer, Celtic Frost, and Metallica. Fat Stan was comprised of Doug Bohn on drums, Steve Seigermanon guitar, and Chris Lolissio on bass and vocals. Mystema, was led on bass by Frank Maggio. When Fat Stan lost their bassist/vocalist to a murder prison term, they met Frank through mutual friend and guitarist Johnny V. Maggio, Bohn, and Seigerman found each other, and found that their kindred beliefs in music were matched. It was then that Social Disease took its fledgling steps. Social Disease went through a couple of singers before calling Tom Bush who had been in Mystema for a short time and was then fronting Chronic Halitosis. Up to that point Frank the Tank, had been writing both music and lyrics and was glad to hand the lyrical reigns over to Bush. When Bush joined Social Disease the band wrote the first 10 songs. Social Disease used two songs on their first recording from Mr. Bush’s old band Chronic Halitosis, with Chronic’s blessing and permission. These 12 songs were recorded 8 track live and comprise the first 12 tracks on “decades of disease”. Social Disease then began to tear up the music venues on long Island, carving new caverns in the underground metal scene. On more than one occasion Social Disease was banned for inciting riots and general unrest. Social Disease continued to write and returned to Legend Studios to record 12 more original songs, and re-record three songs from the first recording. The second recording proved as brutal as the first. These 15 tracks comprise tracks 13-27 on “decades of disease”.
Social Disease again pounded the metal scene in the tri-state area, with relentless sets that incorporated and transcended the expected genres. Playing with bands such as Pyrexia, Human Remains, and Suffocation. Grindcore/kill/hate/metal was born. Often referred to as the "Carnivore" of Long Island, their straight-forward approach, uncompromising sound, and controversial lyrics created a huge buzz throughout the underground scene. All of the members went on, together and separately, to play in many different bands such as Welt, Ironlung, Evileye, Suffocation, Pummel, Lock Down, Bile, and Storm. Now 15 years later, after decades of disease, SOCIAL DISEASE has reunited to unleash its brutality once again! Look for SOCIAL DISEASE onstage, and to hit the studio to record their newest songs sometime within the near future!