This crossover metal quartet will tear out your larynx. Grinding, thick, and aggressive in nature, yet straight forward with simple in your face brutality. Uncompromising and controversial, SOCIAL DISEASE is not for the timid or weak of heart. Bull dozer bi-polar bear assault.


In the beginning there were two bands banging up the north shore of long island in 1985. Fat Stan, from Setauket and Mystema, from sound beach. Both bands brutalized fans with cover music from bands like, DRI, Slayer, Celtic Frost, and Metallica. Fat Stan was comprised of Doug Bohn on drums, Steve Seigermanon guitar, and Chris Lolissio on bass and vocals. Mystema, was led on bass by Frank Maggio. When Fat Stan lost their bassist/vocalist to a murder prison term, they met Frank through mutual friend and guitarist Johnny V. Maggio, Bohn, and Seigerman found each other, and found that their kindred beliefs in music were matched. It was then that Social Disease took its fledgling steps. Social Disease went through a couple of singers before calling Tom Bush who had been in Mystema for a short time and was then fronting Chronic Halitosis. Up to that point Frank the Tank, had been writing both music and lyrics and was glad to hand the lyrical reigns over to Bush. When Bush joined Social Disease the band wrote the first 10 songs. Social Disease used two songs on their first recording from Mr. Bush’s old band Chronic Halitosis, with Chronic’s blessing and permission. These 12 songs were recorded 8 track live and comprise the first 12 tracks on “decades of disease”. Social Disease then began to tear up the music venues on long Island, carving new caverns in the underground metal scene. On more than one occasion Social Disease was banned for inciting riots and general unrest. Social Disease continued to write and returned to Legend Studios to record 12 more original songs, and re-record three songs from the first recording. The second recording proved as brutal as the first. These 15 tracks comprise tracks 13-27 on “decades of disease”.
Social Disease again pounded the metal scene in the tri-state area, with relentless sets that incorporated and transcended the expected genres. Playing with bands such as Pyrexia, Human Remains, and Suffocation. Grindcore/kill/hate/metal was born. Often referred to as the "Carnivore" of Long Island, their straight-forward approach, uncompromising sound, and controversial lyrics created a huge buzz throughout the underground scene. All of the members went on, together and separately, to play in many different bands such as Welt, Ironlung, Evileye, Suffocation, Pummel, Lock Down, Bile, and Storm. Now 15 years later, after decades of disease, SOCIAL DISEASE has reunited to unleash its brutality once again! Look for SOCIAL DISEASE onstage, and to hit the studio to record their newest songs sometime within the near future!




If you like to smoke the pole, stay away I’m homophobic
You have no pride, no strength, no soul, die today we’re homophobic
Unnatural the reason why, you must pay, god’s homophobic
You have aids so go and die, all the world is homophobic



Sitttng in a desert with a rag around your head
you got spoiled by your oil now you end up dead
you will die you must fry
you start wars and kidknap people just to say you can
we'll drop a bomb right on your house and see who's laughing then

you must fry you will die

tired of your sick demands who do you think you are
you'll get a warhead up your ass because you've gone to far

Sitttng in a desert with a rag around your head
you got spoiled by your oil now you end up dead
you start wars and kidknap people just to say you can
we'll drop a bomb right on your house and see who's laughing then

sitting in a crater that used to be your life
look at your wrist you raghead dick and cut it with your knife

Progressive Regression (2007)

Written By: Seigerman/Bush/Bohn

Once upon a primate man
A root was tugged out of the sand
He carved a stone into a knife
A killed a goat to feed his wife

The goats and such he made his pets
To avoid the use of spears and nets
He began to cultivate the ground
To stop the need to move around

He pulled up water from the earth
Thus to the cities giving birth
And cities brought about machines
Technology to change our means

But during all the change and fun
The man lost touch with wife and son

The family unit went to naught
Morals, values, never taught

So as we made our technostrides
We committed social suicide
What comes now we do not know
Only time will tell and show
That progress wasn’t of the self
Humanity regressed to hell
an egalitarian demise
watched from above with tear stained eyes



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