Social Jet Lag

Social Jet Lag

 Huntsville, Alabama, USA

We're a female fronted band that mixes pop melodies with metal core riffs and breakdowns. We've been together for 4 years, toured the US, shared the stage with world renowned artists, and have had three major releases. Our sound is untouchable and our look is undeniable. We're every marketer's dream.


Breaking into the scene in May 2008 with their first EP entitled dancecore (n.), Social Jet Lag has completely redefined and represented the dichotomy between pop and metalcore music. The Huntsville, AL based band has accomplished something not seen too often in the industry: they have layered their hardcore/metal roots with strong, pop melodies without sacrificing or compromising either style. The result is a sound all its own. Fronted by singer Melissa Germano and screamer Ben Eslinger, the band has made a footprint in an industry that is ever changing and always searching for something new and fresh.

The band has played the VANS WARPED TOUR, CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL, and BAYFEST; shared the stage with bands such as KORN, DROWNING POOL, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE, and VERSA EMERGE; and has been on tour after tour across the United States building a following of some of the most die-hard and loyal fans around. Social Jet Lag released their first professional EP, Harmony in Discord, in 2009 but it's their 2011 full length release, The Monster Inside, that has gained them world wide recognition. Social Jet Lag has proven themselves in a hurting industry and is a must watch band for 2012.


Everyone Knows a Richard

Written By: m. germano, j. eslinger, b. eslinger

This cycle never ends, the backward motion of your thoughts
Keeps me hanging on
Why do you leave me here to think on my own?
You’ve held me under long enough, it’s time to let you go

All of your words, they begin to decay
Nothing but smoke and mirrors
Let me go

This is where I break the strings
Manipulation becomes your end

Don’t move close, my heart is racing
Don’t want you wasting my time
That look in your eyes is so misleading
I’m caught up in the same pathetic lines
Did you lead me to believe you’re alone

You had me wrapped around your finger
For far too long
Did you get your satisfaction?
I’m better off on my own

You’re always after the same thing
The games you played, where do I draw the line
To think that I knew what you felt
When all you had in mind was saving yourself

Give Them the Bayonet

Written By: m. germano, j. eslinger, b. eslinger

Don’t turn your back, don’t hide your face
I got carried away this time
These eyes have burned with lust
This heart has harbored hate
This weight is overwhelming
I’m a walking contradiction
No peace, no rest for my mind

Are you indifferent
My faith is dwindling
Are you indifferent
My faith is written in the sand
I’m scraping bottom, I can see the lanterns by my grave
Will you leave me here alone

Bleeding canvas, oh, my white walls can’t breathe
My ghosts have come and passed

This awkward motion has dissolved all means
I’m cutting ties to keep from getting back

My heart breaks in this silence
Is this the moment you’ve been waiting for; are you watching now
All I have are hidden worries
If this is all we know, I’m better off alone

Everything comes down to nothing
Anger is wasted on this life
Show me the meaning behind your actions
Pour life back into these hands

Welcome to the dirty south

Take me
Bring me to my knees
Take me
Bring me back around

We will overcome by the blood, by the blood
We will overcome by the blood, by the blood

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Betting on a Dead Horse

Written By: m. germano, j. eslinger, b. eslinger

What went around came and found you out
Here’s to being so cold; can’t turn back now
Thinning line; the truth has been so blind
You are alone, so unaware, you‘re the only one to blame

All this time wasted on selfish gain
Insatiable indulgence only lasts so long

This is breaking at the seams
It’s coming back now, coming coming back now
This will come around, you’ll see
It’s coming back now, coming coming back now
In this moment, you will see
That this is all you’ll ever be
This will come around, you’ll see
It’s coming back now, coming coming back now

The scourge holds no mercy for the wretched

Watch as your plans come crashing down
All you have is your pride
Will this be enough to save you
Or will you ignore the light

I’ve had enough of the same conversations
You’ve done this to yourself, now face the music
Your little world is all but wasted now
You’ll realize the disaster you’ve made
The lies you’ve told have sealed your fate
No one can save the man inside

Desires fall short when faced with aftershock
What will it take for you to hold back
Conscience is blocked by the senseless
Goading of the world around you

Feel the wind lash out against this treason
You won’t escape this for long

It’s not the answer you’ve been seeking
Isolated still wanting more


Cry, Please Cry Single (2007)
dancecore (n.) (2008)
Harmony in Discord (2009)
The Monster Inside (2011)

Set List

Set Length:

45-60 mins

Set List:

Everyone Knows a Richard
Where Did They Hyde Dr. Jekyll
Dear Mrs. Grundy (feat. Matthew Hasting of Mychildren Mybride)
No Way to Die But to Be Dead Already
Betting On a Dead Horse
If Water Could Burn
Time Machines Are a Waste of Time
Give Them the Bayonet
The Voice