Social Recall

Social Recall

 Alexandria, Louisiana, USA

Social Recall is an explosive, high energy modern rock band from central Louisiana. Their highly charged EP 'Rebirth' is finding success with radio stations nationwide, and the audiences at their live shows are consistently amazed with the band's vibrant stage presence and enthusiastic demeanor.


Imagine you're in a band. On the radio. Your fan base and profile is steadily increasing. There's even talk of major label interest. And then you're told you have to change your name or face legal action.


When the four members of the popular Louisiana band Twenty One Twelve found themselves in this very situation, it didn't seem real. After all, they were finally getting the recognition they had been working so hard to attain that it didn't seem conceivable to literally 'regroup', yet that's exactly what they did. Turning what could have been potentially negative into a media coup resulted in a regional contest whereby fans could log on and submit possible band names with the winner being awarded a private performance, signed guitar and inclusion in the liner notes of the band's EP 'REBIRTH'(Tonecrash Records). Savvy indeed, and thus far their plan seems to be working.

All things considered, 'REBIRTH' is an obvious and appropriate title for SOCIAL RECALL's debut release, a testament to the band's unrelenting quest to beat the odds and rise from the ashes without missing a beat. The result is a collection of powerful, compelling songs packed with biographical nuance. Solid songwriting and delivery weave a tapestry of trials and tribulations with the battle between good and evil that position SOCIAL RECALL on a par with bands such as Creed and 311.

Right out of that gate, 'ALL WE ARE' pulls you in with a driving riff that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Fans and listeners alike are essentially treated to the story of SOCIAL RECALL. This is evident on the riveting anthem and lead single 'WE WILL RISE', a soaring declaration that is hopeful without being apologetic. This is pure rock loaded with unabashed determination. The story continues with 'THE WRECKAGE', an ode to the damage that can result from jealousy, envy, and gossip. Inspired by the recent birth of the lead singer's son, 'I AM YOUR SHIELD' embraces themes of commitment and protection. The disc ends with 'CAN'T BRING ME DOWN', letting everyone know that SOCIAL RECALL isn't going anywhere but up. With songs like this, performed brilliantly and so passionately, it's easy to see why.


Give Me The Strength - charted top 200 on Media Base Top 40


Tracks with Radio Airplay:
All We Are; We Will Rise; The Wreckage; I Am Your Shield; Can't Bring Me Down