Social Studies

Social Studies


Danceable indie rock layering melodic female vocals and vintage keyboards over dynamic, emphatic pop songs. Social Studies is both endearing and enthralling, wrapping the most satisfying and infectious hooks in the twist and turns signature to a Social Studies anthem.


Keyboardy-rocky-historical-epic-fun-dancey quartet, Social Studies, will endear you with "tambourine-a-longs" and melodic vocals braced over unexpected, complex pop songs. Formed in Autumn of 2005, Social Studies has gained startling momentum since they first threatened the foundation of a crowded Santa Cruz shanty at 2am one freezing Friday night. Since then, they have plucked the heart strings of the Bay Area indie circuit and kept audiences on their toes with the twists and turns signature to a Social Studies anthem. They self-released their first EP, "This is the World's Biggest Hammer" on November 8th and are excited about setting up a US tour for 2007. "Extremely talented and relentlessly inventive songwriters, whether it's trumpet accompaniment or four-part chant-like harmony, Social Studies songs often go in unexpected, and wonderful directions...Social Studies definitely finished their set with more fans than when they began." (The Deli Magazine)


EP, "This is the World's Biggest Hammer", 2006

Set List

Our set list includes nine or ten songs and lasts 40 to 45 minutes.

A typical set list is:
Dante & Corey War
Theme Song
Holler Boys
Mason Dixon
The Good Book
Time Bandit
Pack of Cards