Social Weapon

Social Weapon


Goto these teens will blow your socks off.........................


Look in the sky, up there. Its soulful drumming, booming bass, and rhythmic guitar. its... Social Weapon. Originaly called NRL (National Retarded Losers) back in August of 2003.
They then quickly came to the conclusion that the name NRL was very childish and people didnt like it. So they then became Soberly Wasted (yes folks its an oxy-moron).
They had played a fair amount of shows throughout 2004, January 30th being their first. They were VERY unorganized for that show,but hey, Andrew got a bra thrown at him.
In November of 2004 they had found a new guitarist and and changed their name once again to Social Weapon (a little more mature, but they are starting to be like prince, soon they will be symbol).
They have gotten better since that first show and are still improving as time goes by. It all started a long friggen time ago when dinosaurs roamed the....(ok not that long ago). Ok.
It all happened one day in the muskokas where Jamie and Andrew met at their cottages, they were ver young, and their favourite band was B-44(yes kids that prissy little no balled boy band).Later on in their lives they met matt
at hockey. As for Jamie Chute he has been in many bands and goes to school with andrew and andre. the end


EP- Made In Brantford- 2004

Set List

1. Fight Back
2. Nothing To Show
3. Lazy Sunday
4. Blitzkreig Bop (Ramones Cover)
5. Brantford's Most Wanted
6. All Come True