Hampton, New Jersey, USA

Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer, Bernie Worrell's newest collaboration


Bernie was acknowledged as a "child prodigy" (performing his first Classical concert at the age of 4, writing his first concerto at the age of 8) but it was his later work as a founding member of original Parliament/Funkadelic (for which he was inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame), his four years with Talking Heads, and his in-demand keyboards coupled with his “in-his-head arrangements” for everyone from Les Claypool to Buckethead to Buddy Guy to Warren Haynes, etc. as well as being one of the most sampled musicians (if not *the* most) that continues to add to his worldwide appeal. (bio available at

SociaLybrium is Bernie's latest musical venture and he's gathered three musicians of like mind and abilities: Melvin Gibbs on Bass, JT Lewis on Drums and Blackbyrd McKnight on Guitar.
Their debut CD was released by LiveWiredMusic on January 19th (and is available digitally on itunes and other online digital outlets). One of the original songs from the CD can be heard on


"For You+For Us+For All" -- listen to one song on