Society of Imaginary Friends

Society of Imaginary Friends


".......a society of imaginary friends is operating among us ".'


' Wonderfully orchestrated music and incredibly rich vibrant vocals, reminiscent of early Pink Floyd... A rare gem.' Tim Cunningham, BBC Online.

'Glorious orchestral, folk melodrama.' The Sun, Nov 2008.

It's a remarkable experience that will leave you in goosebumps.' Channel 4, Planet Sound.

'Critics pick, highly recommended.' The New York Times.

Inspired by the windswept drama of her native ORKNEY ISLES, Scotland. Louise Kleboe started writing songs at the age of 10 and was immediately showcased at the prestigious ORKNEY FOLK FESTIVAL. Her singing career has seen her perform her songs at the ISLE OF WIGHT BESTIVAL, The EDEN PROJECT sessions and the INSTITUTE of CONTEMPORARY ARTS, where her mysterious MEZZO voice and MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST talents have moved and intrigued. Her voice has been compared with LISA GERARD, KATE BUSH and even early SCOTT WALKER although she has always been acknowledged to have a UNIQUE sound all of her own.

Alfie Thomas AWARD WINNING FILM composer ( GOLDEN BEAR, Berlin Film Festival 2004, B.I.F.A 2005) and renowned CRAZED ACCORDIONIST with urban folk legends BAND of HOLY JOY he heard Louise's voice as she sang in a Gothic church filled with candle light and knew they had to work together. He pursued her and they formed the SOCIETY of IMAGINARY FRIENDS a name inspired by Louise's childhood experiences.

The beautiful, young virtuoso electric violinist CARA VELLA ( bohemian Indie stars The Peoples Friend ) completed the line - up in 2008. For special occasions SOIF even have a dynamic six strong OPERATIC CHORUS

SOIF collaborate with exceptional young VIDEO ARTIST Doug Rouxell who with treated live action and recorded effects dramatically underscores the music.

" From a practical point of view this three piece are extremely EASY AND QUICK TO SET UP AND SOUND CHECK.. They have a

10 MINUTE TURN-AROUND and are very slick and efficient"
Chris Carr, legendary Rock n Roll manager/promoter

SOIF seek out and love to play unusual venues,...the victorian catacombs of London's SHUNT LOUNGE ..or...a brooding chateau in Languedoc...the eccentric bliss of the very english BOHEMIA FESTIVAL, Tunbridge UK ...the rugged rural madness of FELLFOOT WOODS festival, Cumbria where they headlined this Autumn.
But they are equally at home giving explosive shows at classic Rock venues like..........the KNITTING FACTORY,, NY.. ...MAXWELLS, NJ........SOUTH PAW Brooklyn....93 FEET EAST, Brick Lane...BUSH HALL , London...STOKE FEST and the legendary CAMDEN CRAWL FESTIVAL, Camden, UK

Autumn 2008 saw the RELEASE of EP " Windows " and cd " Sadness is a Bridge to Love " ( Cadiz Distribution ) which were showered with praise in the press and online.

has included numerous live sessions on arthouse radio stations...RESONANCE FM...UK.....and....BREAKTHROUGH RADIO.NY.. Multiple plays on BBC RADIO ULSTER......BBC RADIO SCOTLAND ...BBC RADIO CUMBRIA

and a featured track in THE WIRE magazine's "Adventures in Modern Music "

A SOIF track was also included in " UNDER THE RADAR "s featured compilation cd.summer 2008

" CRUEL BLUE EYES " an early SOIF track was used by LUKE SCOTT of RIDLEY SCOTT ASSOCIATES in his provocative " Specsavers " commercial

SOIF have a growing fan-base of people looking for something FRESH and REAL...concerts inevitably end in tumultuous OVATIONS and ENCORES. Their songs and live performance seem to speak to everyone from film directors to camden crawlers.


Album 'Sadness is a Bridge to Love.' Released 2008. The Moors EP Released November 2008...