Social Experiment

Social Experiment

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Ever heard ok computer by radiohead? How about discovery by Daft punk? maybe When disaster Strikes by Busta Rhymes or the ATCQ classic midnight marauders. Roll all that up, toss in some Cameo , add a dash of RHCP and you have Social Experiment


Here's the Deal. Rmxrngr is sorta like a production alias for myself and Shinigami( who had to take time away from this project to pursue a solo opportunity). we've also performed under this name live. now that we're adding to the family for the soc:EX album, need a new band name.

How about Soc:EX


None yet, as we have just begun recording

Set List

All of our songs in the vocal Set are original lyrics over a mix of sampled (remixed) breaks and in some cases digital and/or live instrumentation

Currently we do 2 sorta covers, Planet rock and a Rap version of smells like teen spirit. an instrumental jam session and a Freestyle Cipher at the end of the set ( and we are open to inviting people from the crowd to join in.)