Socratic mixes clever witty lyrics, catchy spangled melodies and engaging arrangements. Quirky, sarcastic, and sometimes vulgar, Socratic has traveled to Australia, Japan, all across the US including playing SXSW 4 years in a row.


In 2004 Socratic signed to Drive-Thru Records, who released their first full-length, Lunch for the Sky (2005) described as "Jimmy Eat World overdosed on Meatloaf." The album was produced by John Goodmanson (Owl City) at Longview Farms Studio in rural Western Massachusetts. On December 5th, 2006, a free 5-track EP entitled Just Turn was made available for download from the band’s Myspace and PureVolume profiles. Their next full length album entitled Spread The Rumors (produced by Mark Hoppus of Blink182) hit the shelves on May 6, 2008, featuring the song “Boy In A Magazine,” their first single. Socratic has gained over 1 million myspace plays since.

Socratic made a video for “May I Bum and Smoke” and “Boy In A Magazine” in 2008 totaling over 200,000 plays.

Socratic has been fortunate enough to travel to Japan and Australia as well as all across the U.S. and has shared the stage with acts ranging from All-American Rejects, Incubus, Brand New, Boys Like Girls, Say Anything (Myspace Tour 2008), The Offspring, Pete Yorn, and even the Teletubbies (Yes, the Teletubbies).

Socratic is no longer affiliated with Drive Thru Records and have since funded their own self-titled album out now and available on iTunes and Bandcamp. A vinyl release date is set for August.

"We've been in this band since we were 15. My biggest musical influences are these guys. We love to make music, and we're not concerned about trying to fit in. We never fit in anyway."
- Singer/Songwriter Duane Okun


Give & Take 2

Written By: Socratic

Parents it's not enough to keep your kids at a steady pace
You tie their shoes from birth but can't follow them to this place
Where the more drugs you have the more friends you make
The more you give, the more they like to take

Schooling's never good
Told you'd make so many friends
Never thought you would
School work takes up all your time
The kids back home say you're shady now
You never care enough to call

I live like this every day
The more drugs I have the more friends I make
The more I give the more they like to take
I don't want to realize the kids back home say I'm shady now
I never care enough to call

Jump start your career
What will you wear? When will you wake?
How much bullshit from your boss will you take?
Get measured by your bank account
I'm finding out that's all that counts

I won't help your finances
No big house, No nice car
Just a credit card that bought a cell phone
Some Wendy's on your way home
You're fatter then you were last year
You're talking but it's hard to hear them now

I live like this every day
The more drugs I have the more friends I make
The more I give the more they like to take
I don't want to realize the kids back home say I'm shady now
I never care enough to call

Come visit me lonely ghost
Tell me that I should love my life
Show me the world without me
Tell me to return to it better than I was before
Singing carols from door to door

Can I see her if I don't talk about us anymore?
I won't talk about it anymore
I swear I won't talk about the other boy

The kids back home they seem shady now
They never cared enough to call

Flowers In The Garden

Written By: Socratic

Thinking all by myself sitting in the garden
Looking down on mother earth flowers in her garden
I look around there's no one there just a lock of her hair
Trying to find myself flowers in the garden

Everyone says to behave don't carry a burden
Who's to say who we shall save hide behind the curtain
Pull it away there's no one there why should I feel so scared trying to find myself
sitting in the garden
I follow footsteps that are younger then mine
Around the garden they wind

Hush little baby don't say a word papa's gonna buy you a mocking bird
There's one sick secret that bird told - Papa buried her beneath the marigolds
My wrinkled fingers dig up the dirt while the virgin sun beats at my shirt
Shovel hits flesh, I'm not alone
One by one I pull out all the bones
So young, so sweet, so pure
The wind doesn't sound so peaceful anymore
Leave me with the leaves
The ground is alive I can hear it breathe
And the laughing of a bird perched in his tree

I followed footsteps that were younger than mine around the garden they wind
Now she's flowers in the garden


Lunch For The Sky (2005) LP
- Scanned 15,000 units domestically, with distribution in Japan, Australia, England, and online outlets.
- Several tracks featured on MTV’s lineup including “The Real World”, “Pimp My Ride”, “MADE”, “The Hills”.
- Song “Too Late Too Soon” featured in an episode of A&E’s “Dog The Bounty Hunter.”
- Song “U and Left Turns” featured in the major motion picture “Kids in America.”

Just Turn (2006) EP
- Self-produced and offered free online for download, with unique downloads near 50,000 to date.

Spread The Rumors (2008) LP
- Produced by Mark Hoppus (Blink-182, +44) in Hollywood, CA
- Absolute Punk, May 2008 “one of the most enjoyable pop-rock albums released in 2008.”
- Music video for “Boy in a Magazine” featured on MusicChoice OnDemand as well as rotation on the “Alternative Rock” channel
- Has acquired over 200,000+ plays on youtube and
- “Constant Apology” featured as opening song for the season finale on “The Real World: Hollywood.”
- Alternative Press, June 2008: “For those eyeing a pop-rock getaway that’s a bit more daring and exotic, Socratic just may be the golden ticket.”
- All records available on “Touch Tunes” in bars and restaurants across the country.
- On rotation nationwide in Hollister Stores.

"If you buy this record and don't end up liking every single second of musical genius contained on it with every single fiber of your very being, i personally guarantee you that you have no taste in music."
- Mark Hoppus (Blink182)

"With the goal in place of making an album where every song could be a single, it is safe to say Socratic achieved that goal and then some."
- Guestlist Magazine

Set List

Socratic seems to fit in any environment they perform in. Their set list usually depends on the atmosphere and can last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and thirty minutes. Socratic is always happy to play for as long as possible with their variety and catalogue of original music.