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"If you buy this record and DON'T end up liking every single second of musical genius contained on it with every single fiber of your very being, I personally guarantee you that you have no taste in music." - Mark Hoppus

"Lunch For The Sky"

"Every instrument is its own commanding presence yet they are all able to work in perfect harmony with eachother. Sheer musical brillance, strong vocals and lyrics that an award, leads me to believe that the guys in Socratic have the ability to not only make it in this music world, but make it big. I know I'm making a bold statement here, but Lunch For The Sky is without a doubt the best cd released in my lifetime, and possibly ever. Redeem themselves? Drive Thru records not only redeems their record label with this release, but sets a new standard of excellence. With the powerful, catchy, indie-pop-piano-rock that is just on a level all it's own, Socratic will make a name for themselves that can't be denied. If you don't like this album then I'd ask that you please stop reading my reviews, good taste is wasted on you." -

"Golden Ticket"

"For those eyeing a pop-rock getaway that's a bit more daring and exotic, Socratic just may be the golden ticket." - Alternative Press


"Lunch For The Sky" (2005) LP
- Scanned 15,000 units domestically, with distribution in Japan, Australia, England, and online outlets.
- Surrounding release and subsequent year, several tracks featured on MTV's lineup of reality television, including "The Real World", "Pimp My Ride", "MADE", "The Hills".
- Song "Too Late Too Soon" featured in an episode of A&E's "Dog The Bounty Hunter."
- Song "U and Left Turns" featured in the major motion picture "Kids in America."

"Just Turn" (2006) EP
- Self-produced and offered free online for download, with unique downloads near 50,000 to date.

"Spread The Rumors" (2008) LP
- Produced by Mark Hoppus (Blink-182, +44) in Hollywood, CA
- Absolute Punk, May 2008 "one of the most enjoyable pop-rock albums released in 2008."
- Music video for "Boy in a Magazine" featured on MusicChoice OnDemand as well as rotation on the "Alternative Rock" channel
- Has acquired over 200,000+ plays on youtube and
- "Constant Apology" featured as opening song for the season finale on "The Real World: Hollywood."
- Alternative Press, June 2008: "For those eyeing a pop-rock getaway that's a bit more daring and exotic, Socratic just may be the golden ticket."
- All records available on "Touch Tunes" in bars and restaurants across the country.
- On rotation nationwide in Hollister Stores.



In 2004 Socratic signed to Drive-Thru Records, who put out their first full-length, Lunch for the Sky, in 2005. The album was produced by John Goodmanson (Owl City) at Longview Farms Studio in rural Western Massachusetts. On December 5th, 2006, a free 5-track EP entitled Just Turn was made available for download from the band's Myspace and PureVolume profiles. Their next full length album entitled Spread The Rumors (produced by Mark Hoppus of Blink182) hit the shelves on May 6, 2008, featuring the song "Boy In A Magazine," their first single. They also made a video for "May I Bum and Smoke" and "Boy In A Magazine" in 2008.

Socratic has been fortunate enough to travel to Japan and Australia (Soundwaves Festival) as well as all across the United States and has shared the stage with acts ranging from Incubus, Hellogoodbye, Say Anything, MeWithoutYou, Brand New, Gin Blossoms, Pete Yorn, and even the Telletubies.

Socratic is currently writing for the upcoming record - no release date has been decided yet. Socratic is looking for new management, record label, and touring agent.