Soda Ash

Soda Ash


Soda Ash delivers an energy filled romp with sexy anger and vitality. Tribal drums/controlled feedback bolster darkpop songs of blistering punch and sensual emotion.


A darkpop band with intensely beautiful--yet often vengeful--songs, Soda Ash delivers dirty angel music with blistering punch and sensual emotion. Asserting melodic claims and pleas like restless spirits; soulful swansongs flesh out lilting sounds of murder, loss, ghosts, love, sea and sleep-less nights.

Finding their influences in such varied genres as industrial rock, punk, new wave, lounge and Britpop, Soda Ash presents the listener with a paradigm of rock music--without sacrificing pop sensibilities. Soda Ash leads their audience down a path filled with throbbing drums, dancing bass, hypnotizing guitar riffs, haunting keyboard melodies, and a healthy dose of twenty-first century spite. Reviewers have compared them to bands as diverse as Curve, The Velvet Underground, Hole, Garbage, Placebo, Vast, Jesus & Mary Chain, Ministry and Nick Cave.

Formed in the North American college town of Columbia, MO, Soda Ash built a sizable following in Missouri and have played coast to coast, recently relocated to Savannah, GA. Soda Ash's live show has been described as, "an energy filled romp, filled with sexy anger and vitality." As regionally different as the trio is musically, the complete package is one that must be witnessed in person, live-breathing-pulsing.

In January 1999, Soda Ash released their debut LP, Sci-Fi Lullaby, on fledgeling indie label Graffenberg Records. In December 2000, Soda Ash released their sophomore effort, Box of Gods and Tech Noir in 2003. Their 4th CD, Yamato (2005), is the first produced by Soda Ash's own Erin Knowles. This was followed up by a more techno-industrial effort: Smiles From Strangers (2007).


Box of Gods

Written By: Erin Knowles

You're my box of gods
The darkmen in the alley
I need the visitors to welcome me
You're my box of gods

You're my broken dream
The dark eyes open wide
I need them so to rescue me
They're my box of gods

You're my box of gods
Almond eyes scan over me
I need them so to welcome me (over me)
My box of gods

You're my broken dream
The Darkman in the Alley
I need them so to conquer me (over me)
They're my box of gods

You're my box of gods
The dark eyes open wide
I need the visitors to welcome me (I do)
They're my box of gods


Written By: Erin Knowles

She sways in slowly
She moves just like a dream now
Turnstile to nightmares
As the venom pulls you under
nah...nonny, nonny, nah...

image: Fatale

Yes you see her
And you need her
Eyes are poison
Stay far from her
She is demons
She is danger
Save your soul boy
Stay far from her
nah...nonny, nonny, nah...

Her eyes are icy
Voice distant, pensive, cruel
Hear the dark men laughing
Hear the trouble growing
saying...nah...nonny, nonny, nah...

Do not touch her
You will never get away
If you're near her
You will never see the day
You can try boy
She will kill you anyway
Just run-just hide
Just run-just hide

She holds your eyes now
Your heart's a novelty boy
With her hands above you
Slowly wrap around you
Crawling up and down you
Stalking deep within you
Destruction from the inside
Psionic rupture from the inside
nah...nonny, nonny, nah...

And she has you
Falling quick prey
Face your evils
The soul that slips away
Holds your arms down
Knives and poisons
She will win boy
She will win, win
nah...nonny, nonny, nah...

And she takes what she wants
Smiles like a feline child
Pray for death to come soon
With the eyes of Fatale
say...nonny, nonny, nah...

Return of the Sun

Written By: Erin Knowles

(also recorded as 'The Sun Puts You to Sleep')

Look at you now.
That candyland smile.
I guess you took that road
One too many times.

And the way you dress up.
Dixie cup style.
Brings tears to the eyes
Of the ones you idolized
{90 years ago}

-so you say this is easy
-seems to be pleasing
-do a line, pass the time
-till the sun puts you to sleep

-yes, this looks so simple
-your lying smile
-the world in your dimple
-and I'll waste another night here with you.

I can feel the rain
Running on every line of your face
I wish I were there
In every gleam of your eyes.

My hands on my mouth
And if I should start to doubt me
Reassure me one more time
Hold me here, till the sun puts us to sleep.
{feel it sinking slow}

-tell me more
-in your delicate way
-make me believe
-I can't believe anymore.

-slice me up
-I know I've felt this before
-lick me clean
-I can't believe anymore.

My night is ruthless.
Too quiet, I can't stay here.
Forced under I can cling
Forced silent, I can't sing

Weren't we perfect
Under stars we all shine
Needing something, feeling something..
Till the sun puts me to sleep

Device Insomnia

Written By: Erin Knowles

I've never lived like this
Always the safest road
Sometimes I strayed so far
Into the darkest cold
A pilgrim's selfish need
A fit of raging sand
A wind that brings you near
The scent of dying man
A memory dislodged
A skeptic's eyes of doubt
A common need of things
Some I can do without
A line of petals pink
A row of faithless speech
None left alone for long
This hunt for me

This dream's…coming true…
The haunting vision of you…

This way a tiger lies
Defeated, several times
She coils and spins away
This need for prey to stay
A strength from other lands
The sight of dreamland sands
A dogwood in full bloom
Humid, muggy room
The sweat brings out the beast
A need for no more peace
Revenge is bittersweet
I slip to lucid sleep
To see a rising hand
Thin pale, the form of man
The blade that shines so bright
Within my eyes tonight
Transfixed with heartbeat breath
I need to give this test
To see if they can feel
This pain for me is real

These dreams…coming true
Trapped in here…with you


Written By: Erin Knowles

The bottle on the table
The reflection so familiar
A ghost, a memoir
Something so familiar
An argument will raise
A monologue of haze
A bloody trinket falls
The mirrors on the walls

I thought I heard his name
In winds of five days back
A need to simplify
Denial of the fact
A reason to go on
A hollow shade of blue
I know you're somewhere lost
I know paths lead to you

Forgotten eyes of storm
In dreams to wreck my mind
The slipping hands of lust
The clutching hands of time
And if I turn away
Could he still come near
Its not me that I trust
Its not fact that I fear

And my heart sinks so low
The need of him severe
Look through forests deep
I shall seek him here
A wilted hand under
Leaves and mud will lie
I let this ghost go free
Peace and rest through time
But should I tell a soul
Of him who I found here
The glassy look so right
The chance to hold him near
And in this time for us
I'll find love lying cold
And here, I will sleep
And here, I've grown bold

I found my heart today
The mud and bog down there
The sticky air will hold
The both of us right here
And willows sweep the skies
And fog will roll over
The two of us as one
In sanctity cover
A precious trinket falls
The mirrors on the walls


Written By: Erin Knowles

Slow down
My love
Your dreams are too ambitions

Holy wars
The things gods are made of

And you take your time
To commit your crime
Until the heavens side with you
My love

The blood
Will flow
Through streets
The snow--looks as if its blushing

And time
Your generals are waiting

Exist in time
In your hand or mind
Lies the power of Yamato
On your knees boy


In January 1999, Soda Ash released their debut LP, Sci-Fi Lullaby , on their own label, Graffenberg Records. In December 2000, Soda Ash released their sophomore effort, Box of Gods, followed by Tech Noir in 2002, Yamato in 2005, and our 5th full-length CD, Smiles from Strangers, in 2007.

Set List

Because of their diverse appeal, Soda Ash plays for a variety of audiences from metal to indie, and tailors their set to fit best for each show. A typical set is 25-45 min with 6-8 original songs and 1-2 covers.
Here is a typical current set list:

1. Love Down- slinky and sensual, midtempo
2. Psychic- tribal and intense song about paranoia
3. Americana- crowd-pleasing punk song with anti-fascist message
4. Fatale- angry, sexy, high-volume song
5. Yamato- dark, beautiful Swans-esque
6. Pop Star - Industrial-Rock think: Fragile era NiN
7. Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones Cover
8. Giving Up on Girls- Fun, country tinged song written for us by a St. Louis songwriter
9. Box of Gods - Current fan favorite