Four insurgent super heroes out to make the world safe for rock and country music alike....imagine the ghost of Johnny Cash sharing beers with The Replacements in a seedy dive bar!


Sodajerk is a band formed on one guiding principle: despite what may be coming out of the current Nashville scene, country music doesnt have to suck!
Sodajerk began in Pittsburgh with longtime friends Bucky Goldstein and Poppa John Tucker as an outlet for their shared love of 50's rockabilly, 60's country, 70's classic rock, 80's metal and early 90's college rock. They found that when they mashed the booze filled swagger of The Replacements with the tear-in-my-beer twang of Johnny Cash, something special happened....the Sodajerk sound was born.
The first record (1999's "Can't Put You Down") was almost entirely recorded by just the duo, and was greeted with warm reviews and high critical praise in their hometown, ultimately winning a spot on the Top Five Releases of 1999 by local press.
They followed with 2001's "Unhappy Hour" which continued the tradition, ending up on yet another Top 10 Releases of the Year list in Pittsburgh's press and leading to the bands involvement with festivals such as the Nashville New Music Conference and North By Northeast in Toronto. The end of 2001 brought them the honor of being chosen by Jim Beam as one of their 5 finalists in the Jim Beam National Backroom Band Search held in Nashville, of which Sodajerk ultimately placed second (not bad for some yanks!)
The winning streak continued in early 2002, as Sodajerk took top honors in the Grafitti Rock Challenge in Pittsburgh, a long running, yearly band competition, that in the past has seen the participation of such bands as Pittsburghs own Rusted Root and The Clarks. This led to the recording of the bands third record (2003's "Brand New Low") which landed the band in regular rotation on such AAA stations as 91.3 WYEP. It even found its way onto celebrated singer songwriter Jesse Malins website under the heading Fine Art: Top 25 Albums, alongside legends such as Wilco and Neil Young (were blushing now!)
The constant gigging in Pittsburgh and other cities on the east coast (Nashville, Toronto, Raleigh, Ocean City, Harrisburg) plus the opportunities theyve had to share the stage with bands as diverse as The Jayhawks, Charlie Daniels, The Drive By Truckers, Reverend Horton Heat, Scott Miller, John Mellencamp, Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Robbie Fulks, The Red Elvises, The Tarbox Ramblers, Montgomery Gentry, and even heavy hitters such as Nashville Pussy and Static X led to Bucky and Poppa Johns desire to capture more of their live sound on the next record, which ended up being simply titled "Sodajerk", released in 2005. It's a raw rock n roll blast that immediately has found its way into regular rotation again on 91.3 WYEP (garnering 15 spins a week) and to the top of critics lists.
In 2005, the band found itself relocating to Atlanta with the intention of heavier gigging and touring in the south and elsewhere in 2006. Never ready to rest on their laurels, Sodajerk is currently working on two records for release on Be Particular! Records.
Whether its the country rock blast of "I Know You Will" or the trip hop country masterpiece "Cow Hop", Sodajerk is a band that lives to challenge the stereotypes of all music. one Pittsburgh writer put it best, Its all you need for a night on the town.....or the end of the world!


"Can't Put You Down" (cd 1999)
"Unhappy Hour" (cd 2001)
"We're Going To Hell Now Because Of You Guys" (live cd 2001) [out of print]
"Brand New Low" (cd 2003)
"Sodajerk" (cd 2005)
"Sodajerk II" (cd 2007)

The track "Self Help Book" is found on"This Is Alt Country" (comp cd for ShutEye records 2003)
The track "Cow Hop" was found on two "CD baby" comps (2000 and 2003)

The track "Breaker, Breaker" won the following awards on

Track of the Day on 9Aug2005 in Americana
Track Of The Week on 22Aug2005 in Americana
#22 Best Drums in Americana, all-time
#6 Best Lyrics in Americana, all-time
#12 Best Melody in Americana, all-time
#21 Best Mood in Americana, all-time
Best Male Vocals in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Best Guitars in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Best Guitars in Americana, week of 22Aug2005
Best Drums in Americana, week of 1Aug2005
Best Drums in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Best Keyboards in Americana, week of 22Aug2005
Best Production in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Best Lyrics in Americana, week of 1Aug2005
Best Lyrics in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Best Melody in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Best Beat in Americana, week of 1Aug2005
Best Beat in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Best Mood in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Most Original in Americana, week of 8Aug2005
Rocking Track in Americana, week of 8Aug2005

Set List

have played sets ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours, doing both the full band Sodajerk sets and the stripped down 2 man "Son of the Jerk" sets. using mostly original material. some jerkifried cover material includes:

"overkill" (men at work)
"mama tried" (mearle haggard)
"cocaine blues" (johnny cash)
"ol' 55" (tom waits)
"the weight" (the band)
"hot for teacher" (van halen)
"take on me" (a ha)
"can't hardly wait" (the replacements)
"bastards of young" (the replacements)
"casino queen" (WILCO)
"whipping post" (allman brothers)
"excuse me" (whiskeytown)
"big river" (johnny cash)
"lodi" (ccr)
"cowboy song" (thin lizzy)
"jailbreak" (thin lizzy)
"eastbound and down" (jerry reed)
"white wedding" (billy idol)
"live fast, love hard, die young" (ferron young)
"the gambler" (kenny rogers)
"creep" (TLC)
"american girl" (tom petty)
"beer drinkers and hell raisers" (zz top)