So Damn Thirsty

So Damn Thirsty


So Damn Thirsty is just this: a fun, and energetic band with catchy rhythms and dark lyrics. We are well known for our interaction with our crowd; so when you come to a show, be prepared to get involved, jump around, and have fun with the punx of So Damn Thirsty.


So Damn Thirsty is a 4 piece punk rock band that was formed during 2005, in the Washington DC area, for the sole purpose of putting the rock and fun back in punk rock. Early beginnings of the band consisted of Timmy and Steve as an acoustic act. The guys met in 2003 and began writing songs and playing in their spare time. Later, a high school friend of Steve's; Jason was added on bass. They began playing at various places in Frederick in late 2004 and received an overwhelmingly positive response from friends and fans. So began the search for a drummer, and Animal was added in March 2005. He brought a grunge sound to the band with his elaborate drum fills. By June 2005, we were playing various locals venues and charging ahead at full speed. Animal left in late 2005 to pursue other interests, and we acquired Stix. Since then our sound has become decidedly punk. We are highly professional and motivated, and are always dedicated to putting on an energetic, entertaining show no matter how small or big the crowd. Our band takes pride in doing whatever it takes to make sure our fans feel appreciated and have a great time at shows, because we know our fans are what really matters.

We have had the honor of sharing the stage with many great bands, first and foremost: The Misfits! In addition, we have also opened for: The Briggs, Varuca Salt, Time Again, Bigwig, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Lorene Drive, The Audition, Madina Lake, Love Equals Death, Bella Morte, Suicide City, and many more.

We are proud of what industry experts have to say about us:

I want to give a shout out to these guys. They are one of the few bands around that knows what real punk is about. They played the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus show and got a huge response from everyone. More than once through out the night they were approached and told they were the best band there. YEAH!! These guys played there asses off and deserve the utmost respect. They've got mine. SO DAMN THIRSTY is welcome at my club anytime.
-T’Roy, Rafters Night Club
"So Damn Thirsty is a collaboration of musicians that have a heart for true rock and a passion for punk music. So many bands aim for a product with this kind of output, but So Damn Thirsty actually pulls through. To see the band live reveals alot about the group, its energy. It’s hard to keep your eyes focused on one member as the entire group fills the stage with power and intensity. So Damn Thirsty is a band not to miss."
- George, Elysium productions

"So Damn Thirsty is one of the only bands in the underground/local band scene that really gets the crowd involved with the show. Their stage performance has so much energy; it is no wonder they are called So Damn Thirsty. After you see this band live, you'll need a cool refreshing beverage."
-Chris Lord, The Next Scene Promotions

Not only does So Damn Thirsty play great music, they also put on one heck of an awesome performance. If you plan on coming out to see them, expect to be involved in the show, it's exciting! These guys are very professional. They not only promote like crazy for themselves, they help other bands out too. If you need an awesome band that draws big crowds and genuinely works hard, SDT is the band to call.
-Amanda Pfeifle, Jaxx Night Club

"So Damn Thirsty brings to the table pure energy, seeing them live leaves you breathless and wanting more!"
-Wes, Locals Only Radio

"So Damn Thirsty's irony and wit, elements make them more than just your typical Punk rock or Garage rock band."
-Dickson Mercer, Frederick News Post


Our full-length album, "Lazy, Dumb, and Confused" was released in Aug 2006 and has sold over 500 copies!!
Our songs have been featured on XM Satellite Radio's Fungus and Washington DC's Locals Only Radio. Additionally, various indie stations have played our album. The most popular song is "Take me to Hell"

Set List

Our typical set list is 45 min long, give or take a few- depending on what the promoter desires. We can play up to 1 1/2 hours and often the crowd asks for more.
Determination of what songs are played depends on whose turn it is to do the set list. However, typically, these are the songs that are played:
Piss off
I feel like
Whatever helps you sleep at night
Skulls (The Misfits)
Bloody princess
Skate rock
Dis-connected (Face to Face)
Fight the scene
Believe you me
Journey (Rancid)
Take me to hell

Other songs we have: Blame, Cop a feel, Down, Thirteen, and Thirsty demon girls. As meantioned in the set list, the covers we play are The Misfits, Face to Face, and Rancid. When the set list is only 30 min long, we only do one cover, usually Rancid.
Our songs are typically 3 min long or less and we are known for our ability to quickly set up and start playing.