sodapop suicide

sodapop suicide

 Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA

pseudo-electro alternative sonic rock!!!!


formed together after a year of soul searching and a few failed attempts of doing solo acoustic work (coupled with real life worst episodes ever of Rockstar band auditioning)..... Sodapop Suicide - The Fil-Am music scene's pseudo-electro-alternative super-group was born....

it is the brainchild of singer/songwriter V. for vendetta Guevarra.....
currently setting the trend with label mates "Bleud", the Kwagos and the Happy Analogues...the bands brand of Ely Buendia meets Thom Yorke songs have placed the band in the forefront of a Fil-Am music genre that they alone occupy. Sampling some of their tunes on, one would get the feeling of listening to some down to earth lyrics accompanied by high-brow electronic-rock sound designs. Songs like, Kalawakan and Style Mo Bulok incorporate indie-rock arrangements with space out effects and stabs....

The rest of Sodapop Suicide are: Mark Lopez on guitars, Badj Miranda on bass and Welljo Padilla on drums....


welkam milky way

Written By: valter guevarra

i, i would like to say hello
im so glad you're here today
welkam to the show

we're, gonna leave the world behind
we're gonna put on our disguise
gonna rock away tonight

we'll fly away
to the milky way
with your anime'

i, i would like to say goodbye
to all the pains and tears i've cried
gonna rock this town tonight'
we're gonna leave the world behind
we're gonna put on our disguise
gonna rock away alright

alcohol n cigarettes

Written By: valter guevarra

my love is always closer than it appears
alcohol n cigarettes

my love is always lost then it appears
alcohol n cigarettes

my car is always broke but its alright
masturbate in my car then its alright

dirty sex n magazines
coffe stains n nicotine

u r never too young to be in love
condoms pills and birth control
u r never 2 young to be a whore

u r never 2 old to b a whore
liquor sex n rock n roll
u r never a virgin if your a whore

turn your love around


their current single "sana naman"(hopefully)... is available in the Rock in the Box Fil-Am compilation CD out now from Soulworks Records...

the second single "SMB" is currently under negotiations with "noteborn music" ( ... more details TBA.....

Set List

welkam milky way
beauty queen
sana naman