Sod Hauler

Sod Hauler

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Elephantine heavy trio emitting a pleasing, slow-cooked, sonic sludge.


Sod Hauler’s sphere of influence includes shoe gazing and fist pumping venues across the western states, sharing the stage with the likes of Thrones, Dark Castle, Lesbian, Eyehategod, Samothrace, The Roller, Graves At Sea, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Snail, Adai, Yob, and Nine Worlds.

The Spring 2009 West Coast 2-week tour with Dark Castle cast a new depth upon major cities- L.A, Sacramento, San Francisco- and smaller unsuspecting towns throughout Oregon and California. Reviews recognized the shift of new riffs.

In December of 2009, Sod Hauler capped off an especially bombastic Eyehategod reunion show, giving a spirited performance during the after-bar party.

July 2010 Hunting Parties – gave a thunderous show for purveyors of Pacific Northwestern sludge. Press and photos captured the monuments.

Sod Hauler plays anthems for pirates of the dust bowl as well as defiant, fuzzed-out odes to Sirens everywhere. Polishing up its line-up for over half a decade, the trio from Seattle never falls short of producing cascading riffs, bottomless vocals, a battery of rhythms and Puget sounding bass lines.


“Their songs are not suited for listeners with short attention spans, but anyone who prefers their sonic sludge cooked slow and low will be pleased.”

“Rough like a bar brawl.”

“Sod Hauler turns the rock up even harder with some low end, doom-tinged heavy tracks.”

“ like Robert Johnson, these men probably sold their souls to the devil.”


Sod Hauler S/T Inimical Records (2003)
Aldebaran/Sod Hauler 12” split Inimical Records (2005)
Almighty Sod Hauler self-released (2006)
Fertilizer EP self-released tour EP (2008)
Subcultural Awakenings Compilation (2009)
Kingdom of Magic/Sod Hauler 12’ split Locust Tree Records (2010)
Grow Your Own TBA L/P (2011)