Soema Montenegro

Soema Montenegro

 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., ARG

Argentinean singer, composer, songwriter and guitarist. Her musical style blends folk roots music of Argentina with the most subtle instrumental combinations. The new Argentine Folk Music, in a chilling voice.


Soema Montenegro has been described as a poet, a shaman, and an excellent cook. She may be all of these, but above all, she’s a world-class singer. Intense and dramatic, her songs echo the vibrant landscape and culture of her native Argentina.

Soema honed her voice and songwriting skills for years before releasing her debut Uno Una Uno (2008), which grabbed the attention of La Blogotheque’s Vincent Moon. He was so taken by Soema’s charm and skill that he chose to film this relatively unknown artist for the website’s special 100th Take Away Show. Watching Soema perform we witness her magically shift from a deep smoldering moan to a wild, but perfectly controlled caterwaul. You don’t have to understand Spanish to be enchanted by Soema’s theatrical and impressionistic story telling.

Her music is so sensual and overwhelming, that it sometimes seems perilously close to madness. Its mystery burns with a heat barely contained by the angular and precise fingerwork of the accompanying musicians. Like Yma Sumac and Meredith Monk before her, Soema is using her voice to innovate and push the boundaries of pure human expression.

Passionaria, Soema Montenegro’s 2nd album and her first to be released in the US, was produced by Jorge Sottile and Juan I. Serrano. In addition to Soema’s vocals, the album features bandoneon, guitar, double bass, bombardino, and the ancient caja.


Uno a Uno - (2008) - Noseso Records, Argentina
Passionaria (2011) - Acqua Records, Argentina

Passionaria (2011) - Western Vinyl - USA