SOFAPUNCH, a rock band from Oxford, Ohio, has often been referred to as a "modern day Chicago" and is known for intense live shows and a progressive sound. Here more songs at and


SOFAPUNCH began late one January night in 05'. Starting at 3 AM in a University art studio we soon began something that would come to break musical ground and rock audiences like never before. Best described as "modern day Chicago" our music is very diverse but very entertaining with punk, rock, classic rock, 80's rock, and many more styles fused into it. The music is packed with driving rythms and melodies, and our show is extremely energetic and passionate. Three out of the nine of us are music majors and the others have been playing their respective instruments for many years. We not only understand music, but are dedicated to creating amazing music and an amazing show. After only being in existance for a little over a year, we've already recorded 2 EP's and one full length LP. We are musicians and are not only dedicated to our music but love what we do and put on and energetic, passionate, entertaining, and talented show every time we step on stage.


All About Me - EP
Just Because - EP
More to Lose - LP

Set List

Little Ol' Me
Bedtime for Bonnie
Who Needs Velcro Shoes?
Hand me Down World
Love Buttons
The fall of a gunslinger pt. 1
The fall of a gunslinger pt. 3
Mat Sux
Finding Solace Under the Neon Light

Sell Out
Take on me
Come on Eileen
Jessi's Girl
What I like about you
Spider Webs
Only the good die you
Hungry like the wolf
brown eyed girl
ghostbusters theme
Just what I needed
Since U been Gone
Dear Sergio
Ducktales Theme
Blues Brothers Theme
25 or 6 to 4
Battle without Honor
-and more-