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Sofia Grey

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tomorrow's Superstarts Today!: Meet the Contestants for Pizzazz! 2004"

Sofia [Grey], singer/songwriter

1. When did you first realize that you have Pizzazz!?

"When people started asking me for recordings of my songs."

2. Key influences?

"Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Sandy Denny, Tom Lehrer, and Joss Whedon."

3. When you get to be rich and famous, what will be your greatest extravagance?

"Buttery confections, decadent chocolates, and prime cuts of meat. And perhaps a private chef, to prepare them all to my liking."

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EP: Brooklyn Song.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Raised in the wild by feral graduate students, Sofia learned to make simple vowel sounds at a young age. When she was not suckling at the teat of the mimeograph machine refill cartridge (ahhh -- delicious purple toxicity!), Sofia absorbed the basics of life, such as Latin declensions, poetic forms, and the proper use of the subjunctive.**

Entry into the modern world posed its challenges, but Sofia persevered with a cheerful naivete bordering on the pathological. Sofia now makes her home in Austin, TX, where she happily writes and sings The Folk Music for just about anyone who asks.

Sofia Grey is known by her childhood friends and creditors as Sofia Echegaray -- however, she found that 2 am at a bar was not the opportune time to teach an announcer the finer points of Basque pronunciation. So it's Sofia Grey as far as The Music Community is concerned. However, if you learn The Name, she will be happy to average an extra 100 into your quiz score at the end of the semester.

**(hint: "I wish the subjunctive were used more often.")


All right, here's a small addition from my "real" bio (whatever that means...):

A two-time SemiFinalist at the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest (2004, 2006), Sofia has earned attention and praise from established artists such as Susan Werner and Mike Williams, and she has sung backup for a range of songwriters including Idgy Vaughn, Eric Taylor, and Lilli Lewis. She is currently at work on her first studio release, working with Paul Pearcy and The East Side Flash -- the same team who produced and engineered Idgy Vaughn's breakout hit "Origin Story."

Sofia is also very active with the peace community, performing frequently with Instruments for Peace, an Austin-based affiliation of musicans dedicated to bringing attention to local and national issues. See more at .