Sofia Echegaray

Sofia Echegaray

 Austin, Texas, USA

Quirky singer-songwriter Sofia Echegaray is one part Joni Mitchell, one part Muppet. A pin-up girl for the alt-geek crowd with a versatile, classically-trained voice, she's equally comfortable singing Blues, Folk, or Medieval chant.


Austin-based singer-songwriter and comedian Sofia Echegaray is a two-time SemiFinalist at the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest. Her songs range from poignant ("Soon," "Dancing") to zany ("Geek Love"), and cover all points in between. Most recently, her topical blues "Nickel and Dime" -- recorded with Carolyn Wonderland and Shelley King -- has been getting attention and airplay on Folk & Americana stations throughout the country.

Sofia is a triple threat -- writing, singing, and comedy. She has sung for the Austin burlesque troupe Carousel Cabaret, provided backup vocals (Eric Taylor, Idgy Vaughn, Johann Wagner), and her co-write "Dancing" was recently released on the debut CD of Mountain Stage NewSong winner Grace Pettis.


Nickel and Dime

Written By: Sofia Echegaray


well if you need dough, you can get an amount
down at the pawn shop, but you’ll never get it out
cause it’s like a Hotel California for your bank account
and you know the grocery store don’t come around here
it’s the poor part, they only sell beer
you’re payin through the nose and you’re payin dear
cause you’re stuck right here:
Nickel and Dime, Nickel and Dime
oh, it’s profit-takin time
you’re payin more to be poor
all the time
Nickel and Dime, Nickel and Dime
life’s getting more like the Company Store
all the time
you pay sixteen times, and what do you get
another late fee and more debt
I’m payin charges on my charges on my fines
well it’s just a Poor Tax that’s what it is
they call it something new
when they pretend they ain’t screwin you
but someone’s getting rich offa this
and that somebody ain’t you…
and how you gonna pay the rent?
when you’re payin the pawn shop…two hundred forty per cent?
and every penny goes to feed The Beast
writin six six six on your checks next week
they used to have a word for it
they used to have a law for it
but that’s a thing of the past, don’t know where it went to
if you find it, look around for your government, too
now you’re payin late, cause they changed your due date
now look out! here comes your new interest rate
but it’s not your fate to always toe the line
they don’t want you free, that’s their plan
why you think people always callin them “the Man� –
but we can break these chains, yes we can
Nickel and Dime, Nickel and Dime
no more profit-takin time
I’m getting sick and tired
of being Nickel and Dimed
we can break these chains that bind
free ourselves this time
use our mind to break free this time
from the Nickel and Dime.

Here we are

Written By: Sofia Echegaray

I saw a man
with eyes like yours
shopping in the supermarket aisle
I couldn't move
I stared
thinking for a little while

Oh my mind
cease and desist
leave me alone and just relent
but no my God made me like this

Here we are again

You come as you are
you with your need
open me up
and leave me to bleed
you took to the sea
on a ship of sighs
and you sailed away

and your love was a moonless night
and i was the child
waiting to see the light


You got eyes like a saint
in some painting
suffering without complaint
and you've got skin
smooth as a getaway

and my love was a wine-dark sea
oh would you drown
if you could drown in me?

Chorus (x2)