Two voices, four hands, ten instruments, and ears wide open. Still in their 20s, Canada-based multi-instrumentalists Awna Teixeira and Allison Russell (co-founder of Po' Girl) are already veterans of the int'l roots music community. They play banjo, guitar, clarinet, accordion, gutbucket, piano, etc


sofia (formerly salt) has been in waiting for years. crossing paths again and again, these two travellin' runaways finally stopped long enough to introduce themselves.

alli russell meet awna teixeira, awna teixeira meet alli russell- both skilled mutli-instrumentalists, and compelling songwriters -- it's hard to take it all in once they open their mouths. with haunting harmonies, and lyrics like they've been here before, they sing together as though they've been doing it all their lives.

the music they make is hard to categorize - call it 21st century roots. they are "folk" in the way that edith piaf, ma rainey, elizabeth cotten, and billy holiday are folk -- modern torch bearers of an ongoing and vital tradition.

barely two years old, sofia has already toured extensively, they've played shows in canada , the usa, italy, switzerland, germany, denmark, mexico, and australia on the strength of their debut five song ep "salt," available through festival distribution. they had an impressive first north american season playing highly acclaimed festivals such as vancouver, calgary, winnipeg, south country fair (fort mcloud, alberta), gimly (manitoba), mission (b.c.) and canada's oldest music festival "blue skies" in ontario.

they spent august 2006 holed up in an old farm house in eastern ontario, the century family farm, recording their first full length album "no shame", with jason mercer and ana egge at the engineering helm. they had the pleasure of sharing the experience with some incredible people. The album features, along with ana egge and jason mercer - luther wright, chris brown, sarah harmer, shaun brodie, john raham, and don kerr. "no shame" is due for release in the uk and north america in early 2008.

in september they worked closely with one of chicago's finest bands, jt and the clouds along with fellow canadian film maker, amy kazymerchyk, making and documenting music and "life on the road" while on tour at the international blues to bop festival in lugano, switzerland, in the swiss alps, germany and the uk.

currently the ladies are super busy touring world wide with their other band, po' girl releasing another new album "home to you."

SoFiA: General Info

Band Members:

ALLISON RUSSELL - grew up in montreal - she's been in love with music and languages from an early age. as an adult she has played internationally with many amazing and highly acclaimed musicians. feeling the most at home on the road, this is just the beginning... with a smooth, sweet voice that hits you like a wave when she digs in, she plays the clarinet/banjo/guitar/bodhran/penny whistle, and a little piano.

AWNA TEIXEIRA - growing up in toronto she spent most of her time in her head or telling some extravagant story. playing a shit box organ to entertain the thousands. as an adult finally finding her place with music she has played with amazing musicians all over. also feeling sanity on the road, can't ever say no. playing the accordion/harmonica/gutbucket bass/electric bass/banjo/guitar/washboard/ukulele.


Salt ep (2006)
No Shame (2007)

Set List

north country, not so bad, burning by our hands, better luck, gandy dancer, she slips through, rounder's lullaby, no shame, under the chestnut tree, you're not my friend, don't use that thing on me, fernanda, isobel, fool.

usually 2 sets: 45 minutes each.

Sofia also covers some of the Po' Girl songs that they wrote. Examples: what sad old song?, lullabye, tell me a story, prairie girl gone, corner talk, go on & pass me by, home to you, drive all night