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The 18-year old singer is one of the brightest talents of Estonian vocal jazz.

Although she graduated secondary school in Estonia, Sofia has spent one year on Sochi at the musical college to improve her vocal skills. Also she has studied jazz vocal at the conservatory of Cottbus (Germany) with Marianne Baer.
Sofia is winner of several competitions on jazz and popular music in Estonia, Russia and Lithuania. First prize at last year’s competition for young jazz singers, organized by Nõmme Jazz, led to Sofia’ performance at prestigious Pori Jazz festival in Finland.
Today Sofia Rubina regularly take part in concerts and sessions in jazz clubs in Estonia, Germany, Russia and Finland. She gave concerts with Sergey Manukjan, Marian Petrescu, Ted Curson, and Zhenia Gimer.
Among her musical influences Sofia names classic music, Jewish folk music, jazz and rock. She loves traveling and sports. She is interested in break dance, rock and roll and Wu-Shu. -

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Also: Sofia Rubina, only 20 year-old but has won numerous contests in Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Her voice shows limitless possibilities, her singing technique is so matured for her age, that she can sing wide range of songs, from jazz scats to traditional Jewish songs.'

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"(11|02|2004) The “New Wave-2003” participant will take part in the Eurovision Competition (2004)."

he participant of the “New Wave 2003” Competition a young singer Hatuna Narsavidze and her friend – a jazz vocal singer Sofia Rubina will sing a song “Whenever Blue” in the final part of the Competition Eurolaul 2004, reports the Organizational Committee of the Competition the “New Wave- 2004”.
According to what the ladies say, they have made up their mind to make a joint musical project long ago as both of them are professional singers and, besides, they are friends. “We even wanted to go together to the last year Competition of Young Singers of Popular Music the “ New Wave”, which was held in Jurmala”, said Hatuna. “And as soon as we got the opportunity to perform together at the Eurovidenie Competition, we managed to use it. One day, having talked over the telephone , we began the necessary preparation for the Competition”.
The song “Whenever Blue”, written by the young Estonian composer Fred Kriger, will be sung by Hatuna and Sofia in duet. “It is a beautiful ballade on age-long topics, such as love and depression”, says Sofia while still admitting the fact that she usually sings more “serious” songs (classical, jazz and popular Jewish). “There are practically no ballades at the Eurovidenie Competition, “cheap pop music” usually prevail”, claims Hatuna. “That’s why, I hope TV viewers will like our song and will vote for it”.
Hatuna admits that she does not approve of a decision, concerning the replacement of International judges by the procedure of local viewers phone calls during the voting process Eurolaul. “When there are judges, who vote, one can be sure that his or her song is estimated by real professionals in musical sphere. I hope that this year those who will vote in the final part of the elimination round of the Eurovidenie Competition can judge objectively and have a sense of music in general”.
The girls are fully confident of themselves and of their song and are willing to go till the end, that is to say, till the final part of the Eurovidenie Competiton in Turkey. “My name –Hatuna- is a Turkish one, it should contribute to our good performance in Turkey”, points out a young singer. Her friend and colleague Sofia says: “I am eager to win the Competition. Many friends, who have succeeded together, usually cannot divide glory and part with each other. That cannot be said about me and Hatuna! Such a joint project can only unit us. No matter whether we win of not, any result will have positive effect on our friendship”. -


"Sun" CD,2007 Umblu records
BROKEN TIME ORCHESTRA 2007 "golden sun", "shey soshanim"



I was born in Tartu (Estonia) in 1985.
During the last years I have won different vocal competitions in Estonia and abroad with good and excellent results. In particular, I have got the Grand Prix in the international jazz soloist's competition Lady Summertime in Finland and the Grand Prix in the international jazz soloist's competition "Nomme Jazz"(Estonia) in 2004 and second place in the Sony Jazz Stage 2005 competition (Latvia).
I have taken part in the following festivals:
Pori (Finland, July, 2002 and 2004),
Tallinn (Jazzkaar, 2003 and 2004,2005,2006,2007),
Moscow (Russia, "Jazz Voices", December, 2002),
Greifswald (Germany, May, 2003 with the band "Jazz Do It" of the Viljandi Cultural Academy),
International Jazz Festival in Anapa (Russia, 2003),
Kaunas Jazz (Lithuania, 2005,2006),
Rigas Ritmit (Lavia, 2005).
To improve my vocal abilities I have spent one year in Sochi (Russia) in the Musical College. I specialized in pop-jazz vocal. In addition, I have studied jazz vocal at the Conservatory of Cottbus (Germany) with the teacher Marianne Baer. At the moment I am studying at the Viljandi Cultural Academy of the Tartu University at the Department of Pop-Jazz Music.
I enjoy performing in different styles. My main interests are jazz, classic, soul, Club music and also Jewish folk music. One of my last projects is connected with jazz interpretation of Jewish folk music.
Parts of my performance are improvisations. I enjoy being playful on the stage and I always want to surprise the audience. I find it of great importance to be able to transmit that special emotion that music creates in me to the people listening.
In Estonia I perform with my jazz trio, Club project, Broken Time Orchestra, Sonja crème and Tribute 2 Chaka Khan. In Latvia, I work with Riga Groove Elektro band and in Lithuania my good partners are the D’Orange band. Apart from the Baltic States I have also performed in Russia, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Poland.