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Sofia Snow

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Sofia Snow speaks for souls seeking safety in cities where secular sin silences sense, screaming in spasms: "SINCE WHEN DOES THE SYSTEM SEE OUR STRUGGLES IN SOCIETY AND IN OUR STREETS?!"


Despite Sofia Snows superior elocution, wry wit, and sophisticated sensitivity to pop culture, politics, and art, she is just 17 years old. Sofia uses Spoken Word as a medium for opening eyes and hearts to the truth about issues ranging in areas from our communities to our world. Sofia has performed at Berklee School of Music, The Western Front, The Embassy Lounge, Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center, Bank of America Pavilion, The Cloud Place, The Globe Foundation, UMass Boston, Northeastern University, the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, and in other venues, rallies, and protests. She was also nominated for Spoken Word Artist of the Year by the Mass Industry Committee's First Annual Hip Hop Awards. Her composition, Freedom Song, is included on Project: Think Different's recently released CD, Empowerment: The Power to Break You Free, on emPOWERment records. Her personal and professional goals are closely aligned. She is passionate about her art and about its power to help people recognize and hopefully inspire them to act against injustice, whether it is taking place locally, nationally or internationally. Look out for her debut album dropping in 2007!


If I Were To Write a Letter to the President, This Is What It Would Probably Sound Like

Written By: Sofia Snow

the recorded stuff is an old/original version of the song so its not as good as the one i usually perform but.. i hope you still like it! these are the lyrics the latest version of it though

If I Were to Write Letters to the President, These Are What They Would Probably Sound Like
By Sofia Snow

Dear Mr. Bush,
This tongue
Is your notorious "weapon on mass destruction."
Destroying your temple of lies, you're officially:
"Under construction."
Cuz when we were tangled in the knots of your crooked system,
Instead of making more jobs, you create a war for us to enlist in.

How could you lead us so far from peace and leave us without a warning?
How could you give us such mistreatment and then expect adorement?

Dear Mr. President,
Why do the streets bleed?
Why do the poor remain in debt while the rich gain more through greed?
Why are the young neglected while the old men get respected?
Cuz it really doesn’t make sense to gain priority through seniority.
And though maturity comes with age, lack thereof results in purity.
And though informally I interrogate, through silenced rage I’ll try to remain orderly...
Cuz fortunately,
I've been raised to be respectful and polite...
And I can probably be the bigger person if I hold my posture up just right...

So, Mr. Yale-graduate,
I suppose your respect is due.
Let's pretend you deserve the degrees and your current career, too.
Let's pretend you'll respond to my letter, my questions, or my efforts
To educate your people about your office and its
Secret endeavors.

Dear Mr. Commander In Chief, hear me:
What exactly are you doing??
Do you even understand the seriousness of all this drama you're brewing?
Just because the blood isn't yours doesn't mean it's not important:
Not only the flesh of soldiers, but civilians are slaughtered every moment.
Caught up with involvement,
I refuse to let this country drown.
So keep spitting your propaganda, and I'll supply the umbrellas by the pound.
Keep injecting your poisonous fears, and I'll come up with the vaccine.
The damage has taken you years
With your, "genius"...
So let's see how long it'll take me
To undo every mistake your puppet-masters have ever enforced
I've been forced to take a course of action you may not endorse.
Luckily, your funding's not needed, or a witty retort:
Not that I'd expect a response: I'm still willing to continue without your
Blessings or support.

Am I making you uncomfortable?
By openly declaring truth?
And representing American youth??
I simply want to change minds,
Change hearts,
Change time...
Go back to the night before King died…
Save his life, learn to abide
By his rules of love, selflessness, and being kind.
And then help him to continue opening hearts and eyes...

Ah, Dear White House,
I guess you didn't know:

Sofia Snow speaks for souls seeking safety in cities where secular sin silences sense, screaming in spasms:
So often sisters forsake celibacy to sell sex so they can save their sons from similar situations where instead of slinging illegal substances, they can sing psalms and snag scholarships and salaries of some higher significance...

Ha, Sofia:
Scribing seamless syllables,
Squeezing symbols and messages of simple, solemn
Seducing sweet smile on faces from psychos to psychologists
Slaves to senators,
Searching for signals that say:

"Never Lose Hope."

Spitting samples of solutions other than spending centennials of sentences in stripes as slaves of the state.

And sorry to those citizens I surprised,
Now staring at me like: "All I understood was Sofia saying 'something, something, something...'"
I'm just seeking to spit something sagacious!!
Instead of the same never-ceasing senselessness that sabotages the already scarce spirit of the
"Inner cities"...
Leaving me in a lisp...

But anyway...
My dear America,
It’s time to open our hearts.
It’s time to care for others before this country falls apart.
We're so despised by the world it's utterly ridiculous.
We're so tangled in our terrible ways... it's shamefully conspicuous!
So if you didn’t know... than... I don't know what to tell you.
Open your eyes to what's outside your box and breathe in reality for a few.
Would you still keep thousands of babies dying of AIDS in the back of your mind if it was on your front lawn?
Or would you worry about you crab grass and roses being stepped and slept on?

You don't dare roll through the "ghetto" because all you see is violence?
Well do you ever wonder how the families living here feel?
How half their sons might never come out of federal cell-confinement?
Cuz general self-indictment
Is that getting locked up isn't exactly something done for excitement!


Dear Mr. President…

Why do the streets bleed?
Why do the poor remain in debt while the rich gain more through greed?


Written By: Sofia Snow

Everyday: same block, same scene.
Everday, same dudes, same glocks same scheme..
Doin the Same dirt,
Smokin the Same green,
Maybe rockin a different shirt but same hearts thoughts and dreams..

Everday, she walks home, troopin with books from school
Troopin with work to do,
Troopin with thoughts anew.. today she's thinkin:
"I always wake up at 5:30AM..
Pray to God for a better day than yesterday,
Hop in the shower, get
Ready to go to school..
Wishin that as I
Cleanse my body, I could
Make amends and probably,
Clean my soul, too."

Then everyday she troops out to the morning bus stop,
Head down
Half asleep,
Scopin the sidewalk, thinkin of
How hard the cement, coincides with our lives..
The grime the cracks the garbage //
The grimey the crack the garbage..
She whispers to herself:
"Well I guess..
This is Life."

So, everyday, when she reaches where she needs to go
She rolls through with a clouded mind, --not ready to learn what she needs to know. She's
Worryin about her friends that go through the Same Stuff. Her teachers-
Worryin about Her thinkin she doesnt sleep enough

She works so hard.

Just to pull those Bs and Cs..
Beats herself up, while back at home, mom's FAR from pleased
'Cause unlike many others, she has folks that Care about her grades and
So does she
'Cause the only way out the Hood is through those As...
She's thinkin:
"I need to go to college,
Need to get the scholarship,
But how can i focus on this garbage
When my mind's on some OTHER tip like..
'Why isnt my education REALLY supported by the government?'
'Why are we surrounded by negativity? Why cant we get away from it?'
'Why dont they teach REALITY in school instead of
History Teachers' Lies??' "
She shakes her head and whispers to herself:
"Is this REALLY Life???"

So one morning she woke up feelin even worse
5:30, gave up on her prayers, accepted livin a life cursed.
Hopped in the shower, still dirty with guilt, livin a life cursed.
Trooped to the bus stop, head down, livin a life cursed--
She got to school and her friends got worried by the look on her face--
She stayed quiet but her stare told them to
Stay In Their Place.
When she got to History, she took more notes than she EVER did before
And what she saw on her troop home, hurt her heart even more because

E-v-e-r-y-d-a-y she sees the same block,
Same scene.
Everyday: same dudes, same glocks same scheme..
All doin the Same dirt, smokin the same green..
Maybe rockin a different shirt
Same hearts thoughts and dreams..

So she crossed the street, towards them with
Tears in her eyes.
Her heart pounding..
No, matter of fact:
Chest throbbing..
No, better yet:
S o u l s o b b i n g with the words that she's been bottling inside.
They start to smile and she Bursts:


EveryDAY i've been wakin up at 5:30Am, been
Prayin to God for a better day than yesterday..
AMEN!! Been
Tryin to figure out why our lives are EXACTLY like our sidewalks:
Broken, dirty, grimey -- i'm feelin like it's MY fault
That i cant lift up my people from the rough of the streets, when we're
Livin divided instead of uniting in Peace...
Why is it that,
Everyday, a brother/sister has to drop down dead??
In our own system of politics, our streets are STILL divided by blue and red!
EveryDAY we fight each other cuz there's nothing better to do!
Talkin Trash about whoever's doin better than YOU!
When we should be pushing each other to that point of success,
We SPIT ON EACH OTHER, just to stay joined in the mess!
Cuz of how you Talk
How you Dress
And the place where you live,
No one's gonna lend you a hand just because you're a kid!!
We cant CONTINUE whats been goin down on these streets, EVERY-DAY
Cuz in the year 2005... s e v e n t y f i v e kids have been SLAIN!!
And you know..
You know it's all been over some TRASH, some
He-said/she-said garbage they just couldnt get past,

We're K i l l i n each other..

Not even takin the time to think
Thinkin our hearts should link
Linkin our thoughts to sink
Into each other, cuz if you really listened and Contemplated
About the people being murdered instead of names, listed and dated
You'd realize you're doin a whole lot more than killin
Some dude, or some chick...

You're killin someone's brother, sister, lover, cousin, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, neighbor, student, peer, coworker,
Best Friend..
And you're doin it too quick..
Cuz as much as she or he might deserve it, baby thats just in YOUR eyes..
As twisted as the situation was, thats just in YOUR mind!
All we DO is complain about how we 'live in the grime'
When we pollute our HOMES with our own BLOOD and commit OURSELVES to jail time!!
When the majority of the N