Sofia Vaina

Sofia Vaina

 ThessalonĂ­ki, Central Macedonia, GRC

My band plays Ethnic Jazz/Alternative with pop and rock elements,i believe that this music of my band touch the humans soul.


Sofia Vaina studied music (harmony-musical counterpoint-piano) and worked as a teacher in the public.The recent years works professionally with the song.With the occasion of a radio music competition was the first attempt to create personal compositions, lyrics and music interpretation. Since last appeared and continued his appearances at various music halls and bars in Thessaloniki.
She's studying violin by teacher Mikis Mihailidis.The song of video''Mama,m'akous?''(Mama,can you hear me?''):In memory of Little Alex from Veria who disapeared mystiriously-(Chek ''Find Alex'' in Facebook and ''Alex from Veria''in YouTybe).
Music Composition-Lyrics-Interpretation by Sofia Vaina.


"Sophia Vaina" (Released March 2011)

by Music Gallery Records

Set List

Music Composition-Lyrics-Interpretation-Vocals:Sofia Vaina
JOHN PETROPOULOS- Acoustic & Electric Guitar TASOS MANTZARIS- Keyboards,Piano NIKOS PANTAZOGLOU- Electric Bass LEONIDAS KIRIDIS- Bass ( on track ''Exw apo to xwro'' ) NIKOS PSOFOGIORGOS- Drums & Percussion IASONAS GEREMTZES- Percussion DESPINA-DIDA-SKENTOU- Violi ROMEO- Violi MIXALIS PIPERKOS- Saxophone & Flute XRISTOS ANASTASIADIS- Trompet BAGGELIS MARAMIS- Accordion MARIA CHRISTOVA- Tselo SMARO AVRAMIDOU-Flute (On track "kapou se kserw").