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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Student’s music career set to scale up with upcoming album"

Ten-year-old Sofia Zorian belted the lyrics of her original song “Spies in Disguise” into the bristles of a hairbrush before an imaginary crowd.

Zorian, now a fourth-year English student, is in the process of releasing the music video for her debut single, “Feeling,” in November and will launch her first album, “Involved,” in January.

She will perform music from the upcoming album at Viva Cantina, a bar and live music venue in Burbank, on Saturday. Zorian has worked on personal music projects such as her album and video throughout her four years at UCLA to help her realize her dream of pursuing music full-time after graduation, she said.

Born and raised in Hollywood, Zorian said the lively city – filled with endless blocks of street performers, music clubs and concert venues – fueled her desire to personally take part in the music industry.

But her biggest inspiration came not from the streets of Hollywood, but inside her own household, she said. Zorian’s mother, a classical pianist, first encouraged her to pursue music as an avocation.

At her mother’s nudging, Zorian started classical piano training at age 7, but her real passion was singing, she said. She accompanied herself on the keyboard in middle school, singing songs by popular artists like Alicia Keys, Bon Iver and Coldplay. Keys’ soulful R&B style, Coldplay’s rhythmic piano melodies and Bon Iver’s raw vocals manifest themselves in the original works on her upcoming album, Zorian said.

Zorian’s song “Feeling” drew intimately from Coldplay’s “The Scientist” for its piano-centric instrumentation and a midsong buildup, she said.

Working as her own lyricist, Zorian takes inspiration from her everyday life, such as stress from school, work and her music career, she said.

Zorian’s song “You’ve Got This All Wrong” was inspired by the different parts of a breakup, she said. Her lyrics, such as “The world’s pushing on one side and you’re shoving me down,” set a somber mood that reflects the more depressing part of a breakup. She said lyrics like “Melody’s all I need, not even you” represent the moving on and self-love part of a breakup.

“I can take the feelings of these stress factors and transform them into something more comprehendible in my work,” Zorian said.

Zorian’s love for songwriting influenced her decision to major in English at UCLA, she said. Her enthusiasm for poetry and literature helps her tackle the ordeal of songwriting, inspiring meaningful lyrics that attempt to overcome the overdone cliches heard in mainstream music, she said.

“Works by Shakespeare, Chaucer and even Stephenie Meyer help expand my imagination and allow me to think of the many ways I can express a single feeling or experience, (which) helps me avoid resorting to musical tropes,” Zorian said.

Mukund Komanduri, Zorian’s music producer, believes that her ability to intertwine lyrics from personal experiences with moving melodies that mimic the feelings from experiences makes her stand out as an artist, along with her willingness to proactively accept criticism.

“(Zorian) is super open and accepting of feedback if it means producing a final song that she will be proud to release and share with the world,” Komanduri said.

Zorian learns about artists she idolizes and singers Komanduri suggests she implement in her sound, such as Tori Kelly, Shawn Mendes and The Heirs, Komanduri said. Komanduri works with Zorian in the studio to combine the different artists’ tempo, key, meter and instrumentation to later create a backtrack that allows her deep vibratos and dulcet tones to shine through, he said.

“When I hear her sing, I don’t think her voice resembles any other artists’,” Komanduri said.

Madison Stonefield, a third-year film and television production student at USC and Zorian’s friend, is directing, shooting and editing Zorian’s music video for “Feeling.” Stonefield plans to incorporate the airiness of Lana Del Rey music videos and quirkiness of Baz Luhrmann films to portray the beauty and darkness of romantic relationships in the music video, Stonefield said.

The amalgamation of elements from different artists create a distinct sound and image for Sofia, Stonefield said. He added though many artists influence Zorian, she is still her own person.

“The only way Sofia can go in the music industry is up,” Stonefield said.

Zorian is still working through the combination of stresses from a budding music career, work and an education, but she’s building momentum as a professional musician, she said. She’s two quarters away from graduation and hopes to pursue her dreams of making a name for herself by touring with bigger artists, such as The Chainsmokers, she said.

“I really wanted to do everything I can in this part of my life before I start the next exciting part of my life,” Zorian said. - Daily Bruin


I met singer-songwriter Sofia Zorian at UCLA over a year ago, as we discussed our shared major, future career plans, and hobbies. I remember her telling me how she chose to pursue a major in English due to her love for songwriting, and in this past year, her passion and creativity as a musician has come to fruition in her burgeoning career as a young songstress. She has performed at countless venues in the LA area, expanded her global fanbase, and just today, released her first-ever music video for her single, “Feeling.” Read on for our interview with Sofia, and be sure to check out the beautifully captured, brand-new music video!

How did you get into music? Was it something you always knew you wanted to do as a child, or did you realize it later on?

I was born with a love for music. I would always enjoy singing for fun to Alicia Keys while messing around on the keyboard and having my mom braid my hair just like hers. It was always a passion of mine to write songs. To meet lyric with melody is the most beautiful process. I was classically trained on the piano from a young age and progressed toward finding my own musical voice. I knew that music was something I could not live without, but to bring it to the point of a career is a dream that I am still pushing toward today.

What are some inspirational forces for you in artistic mediums other than music - film, literature, art, or fashion?

Film is a huge inspirational artistic medium for me! I was greatly inspired to write a Beatles-style song after watching Nowhere Boy and constantly find myself finding beautiful emotional inspiration to pull from movies into my music. Cloud Atlas, The Notebook, The Fountain, Ex Machina, Avatar, Into The Wild, Inception, Moulin Rouge, and Burlesque are some examples of incredibly extraordinary films that moved me in one way or another. As an English major, literature is another ruling force for my music, ranging from Jodi Picoult’s intriguing novels to the Middle English classic of The Canterbury Tales. From the dark, mysterious and romantic feeling of The Vampire Academy to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, there is no limit to what the mind can imagine and take from all that I expose it to. Fashion is also something I am very passionate about and I believe that wearing a certain outfit can make me feel more confident and powerful. Plus, you always have to look good on stage!

What does your creative process look like? What usually serves as the foundation for your songs?

I have to, have to, be inspired! When I try to force myself to write, it never feels magical. The real glory is found when I write a piece in no time at all and it just flows straight from the heart and mind. The melody usually comes with the lyrics at the same time, but sometimes I will find a chord progression I love first, and then the words follow straight after. When I do not finish a song in one sitting, there is something that is not going right, whether it is in the chords I am playing, words I am choosing, or melody I am singing. Instead of frustrating myself further, I record all of my ideas and give it some space before I return to it with a fresh and inspired mind. The best songs are written unforced and in thirty minutes or less!

How has Los Angeles shaped your creative persona; do you think it’s a significant influence on your work?

Being born and raised in Los Angeles has allowed me to be surrounded by many like-minded artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, and an endless number of people pursuing the ultimate American Dream. Many people have moved from other cities, states, and countries all to come here and push their art forward, but I got to be a part of this incredible city from day one. The hustle has always been a normal thing for me. I have always been pushing towards my dreams and setting goals all of my life. It is something that I feel I was born with, but maybe it is the opportunities that Los Angeles presents that makes this dream all the more possible. This place has shown me that I have to continue to be myself and never give up, no matter the countless obstacles I may face.

What was your experience like shooting “Feeling,” your first-ever music video?

Shooting “Feeling” was an incredible experience! I am so excited to show everyone what we have come up with for the visual platform of #FEELING! I will never forget the rain scene because in theory it sounded fun, but I was freezing, shivering, drenched, and trying so hard to sing as if it were all okay into the camera. One of my favorite scenes from the video is the kitchen fight, where I am devastated on the floor with shattered glass around me because it really portrays the raw emotion found in relationships. There are good times and there are bad times. Never is there only one side to the story. The line between a good and unhealthy relationship is being played with in this music video and it shows how grey that area can really be. I hope that this will make the viewers really feel something deep within.

The kitchen scene is my favorite as well - very raw, emotional, and beautiful! Anything coming up that we can keep an eye out for?

My next upcoming single, “You’ve Got This All Wrong,” and my EP, Involved! These will be premiering in the beginning of next year in January or February! 2017 is an exciting one for my music! I am also going to be revealing merchandise that I have been working on very soon, which will go along with my EP. - Moonrise


I started modeling from a young age mostly for fun and as a way to express myself. I was always told to pursue professional modeling and to join an agency, but my greatest passion was music. As an overly emotional ten-year-old introvert, I already found myself pouring my soul into lyric and melody. I was classically trained in piano, a dancer, scholar, and always knew that my purpose in life is to create music.

I joined the H community last June when I caught one of their live streams and realized there was a place online called the Hub! I was immediately intrigued and it turned into one of the most amazing opportunities to connect with such talented creators. I went from modeling once in a blue moon to modeling multiple times a month. I learned so much by just putting myself out there and being open to collaborating with new and brilliant photographers that I found myself surrounded by people who actually supported my art.

Photography was something that always interested me, but when I began doing product photography for a bar, I wondered if I would be capable of expanding my abilities and giving portrait photography a try. I first started photographing my adorable nephew and then reached out to models who were open to bringing my vision to life. I was just trying out different angles and trying to balance out directing and setting up the shot at the same time, which was much more challenging than it looked when I was modeling. One thing that becoming a photographer has brought me was a greater respect and appreciation towards other photographers and their work. The time put into planning, shooting, and editing can be overwhelming and I only had a theoretical idea about it before I started this new journey. I discovered I wanted to bring to life different stories and characters through the portraits, which ties my English major into my work. I started off with the works of Tarzan and Anastasia. I have so many more ideas, but I am still working out balancing photography and modeling with my music.

The advice I have for the creatives that have wanted to try something new, whether it is in photography, modeling, or music is to just go for it! If you never start, you will never know what you are capable of and I am sure you will be amazing! If it’s photography, borrow a friend’s camera, or get an affordable one and give it a go. Find inspiration from the creators you admire and start collecting mood boards of your own. Research online because YouTube and Google seriously have all of the answers and so many useful tutorials and resources. If you are in the H community, you are already in the perfect place to begin your creative adventures. Reach out to people you think you would vibe with and start making magic!

2018 will be a year of exciting music releases for me and I am thrilled to share the work that I have been creating over the past couple years with the world. I am constantly performing in Los Angeles and hoping to travel with my music to a city near you soon! - H Collective


Not many musicians could claim they entered the music industry as bravely as Sofia Zorian has. In fact, not many musicians would boast about holding a degree in English, but for Zorian, the lyrics to her songs, intertwined with her personal experiences and heartwarming harmonies, are where she displays her true talent. As a Los Angeles native, Zorian lives within the heart of the entertainment industry and has a background of professional training deeply rooted within the arts.

A fourth year English major at the University of California, Los Angeles, Zorian is preparing to launch her first album, titled “Involved,” in January — several months shy of her college graduation. In November, she released a music video for her debut single, titled “Feeling,” and is prepared to pursue her music career at full speed following her graduation. I was able to talk to Zorian about her latest release, personal expectations and reflections on her career as a musician.

Terry Nguyen: Let’s talk about your music. It’s very exciting that you’re releasing your next album so soon, but if you could describe your music in three words or adjectives, what would they be and why?

Sofia Zorian: The three words I would use to describe my music are truth, heart and power. My music is truthful to my experiences, and I have found that it is true to listeners as well. I am naturally an introvert and find myself using music as an outlet for feelings that aren’t easily expressed verbally.

I put all of my heart into my lyrics and melody. It is without a doubt an intimate piece of me that I am sharing with the world through every song. I want to empower anyone who listens. I want them to feel that no matter the difficulties they may face, they must keep pushing and they will reach their happiness.

TN: I listened to your debut single, “Feeling,” recently. What were the sentiments that you hoped to express through this song specifically?

SZ: “Feeling” is a very special song for me because it was the very first song I officially released. It was such an amazing and proud moment to be able to share it with the world and even listen to it in my car. This song searches to the deepest reaches of my heart and calls for raw emotion. It is a wake up call to feel. To discover what truly matters in life and what is it you need to fight for.

Feeling is what shows us that we are alive. Life can hurt, but the light of it all is never far away. People may pass you by, and even if they meant everything to you one day, they may not be a part of your life the next day. You just have to be true and honest with yourself to know exactly what you want. What you need. That is #FEELING.

TN: What can your fans and the music industry expect from your first album in January?

SZ: My EP release is definitely an exciting one, and I am really looking forward to finally being able to share some more music with everyone! It will include five original songs, and there will be a single release as well.

My next single, “You’ve Got This All Wrong,” will also be coming out very soon.

The EP will set a beautifully diverse tone that is cohesive throughout the EP, but will also vary in style. My producer, Adrian Jones, and I have been hard at work finalizing the sound and shaping it to a finished, extraordinary product.

TN: Where do you draw your musical and lyrical inspiration from? How have these inspirations influenced your music style?

SZ: I draw inspiration from Bon Iver, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sara Bareilles, Amy Winehouse, Mumford & Sons, Sia, OneRepublic, Death Cab For Cutie, Keane, Coldplay and more. Music is a lifestyle for me. I listen to it in the car, when I work out, when I am feeling in a certain mood, when I’m with friends, and it is always present, even at an outing at a restaurant.

So, in that same way, I am always exposed to musical inspiration. These inspirations shape my music style by showing me what is out there, what I enjoy hearing and help me find my own unique voice and style. I have always loved the alternative/rock/band style of music, and combining that with my love for pop as well brings to life what I consider to be my particular style.

TN: So, what do you envision in your future career as a musician? What impact on the music industry do you hope to make?

SZ: I will always reach towards the stars when it comes to my aspirations as a musician. I want to have a global impact with my music, and for it to not only ignite powerful and ruling emotions in people, but to give them the positivity and hope that they need in that moment when they are listening. I hope to inspire others in reaching toward their dreams as well.

The music industry is not an easy one to break through, but it is the people who never stop pushing that ultimately reach where they wish to go. Taking the stage, singing and performing my heart and soul out is one of the aspects of this career that I love the most. It is a privilege and honor to be pursuing a career in music, but I can say wholeheartedly that I would not be able to live without it. - Study Breaks


Still working on that hot first release.



A groundbreaking new voice in the populated Los Angeles music scene, songstress Sofia Zorian is rapidly rising to the ranks among the sea of young talent in the city of entertainment. In the past year, she has released a music video for her single, “Feeling,” performed at several of L.A.’s popular venues, and has attracted a global fan base eager to hear more of the artist’s original compositions and unique, dreamy voice. Zorian's music is comparable to that of Lorde, Banks, Tove Lo, and Birdy, but with her originality, she offers a new addition as a female artist to the contemporary Pop Blues genre, providing the feel and live experiences of artists such as Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and Mumford & Sons. Currently, Zorian is refining her songwriting throughout the process of creating and recording her upcoming EP, Involved, and is continuing to write new material as she encounters more inspiration, which she brings to life through her live performances. She trains with the renowned Gary Catona (Whitney Houston, Lorde, Sade, Sara Bareilles). Involved, a reflection of her increasing musical and artistic talents, will debut in 2018. The EP will include five singles, in addition to a stand-alone single, “You’ve Got This All Wrong.” Sofia Zorian is only headed towards one thing: success. Her strong commitment to communicate the human condition through her music propels her forward in an industry saturated with many voices, and her clear vision is emboldened with her indisputable talent. A voice unlike any other in a genre wanting of more female artists, Zorian is precisely what Pop Blues needs right now. Follow along on her exciting journey, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all she has to offer! 

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