Le Titre

Le Titre


Eclectic Piano Pop..Music driven by emotion that takes you from a light summer breeze to dark, heavy climaxes


If eclectic goosebump pop would be a regular genre in music, Sofie Le Titre would be it's queen. The Piano- Pop-Noir band Le Titre has it's roots in the north of Holland (Groningen). They started playing together in Oktober 2008. They played 5 times on the worldfamous (or anyway in europe ;)) Eurosonic festival, radio stations give them a spin (even Ultra Radio, Russia) and the bigger venues in Holland are their current playground. The time is there to chase dreams for Sofie Le Titre! "Make music as much as we can"...


* Promotional EP - Live @ Squarewave Studio
* Coming up: mini album "Sharp Silence"

Set List

Our set is usually an hour. We start with a bang, then bring it down a little and in the end we build the set up to a climax. We have a repetoir of 18 songs at the moment.