Sofiella Watt

Sofiella Watt


I am a 19 year old singer/songwriter, with a raw, intimate edge to my songs and a fun, quirky live performance. My music blends through jazz, blues, roots, folk, and something alternative that doesn't quite fit into a genre, just a little space in between your smile and your solar plexus.


I have been singing and writing songs since before i could spell to write them down. They are a running commentary of my life, and i couldn't live without them and the joy i get out of playing and performing them. Mostly i love that little moment at a live show when the audience seems to be breathing with you; when you and them and the song all seem to be the one thing.

I'm mostly self taught on guitar and piano, growing up getting inspiration from old jazz and blues greats like Billie Holliday, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and Ray Charles and Janis Joplin. Also being shaped along the way by contemporary artists such as Regina Spektor, Ani Difranco, and Missy Higgins.

My music career is just at its beginning with local gigs and the release of my first EP on it's way. However, with my huge love of live performance and an insatiable hunger to present my music to the world, i am commited to making it a successful career.
Music is a medium for change, and that's something i'd love to be a part of. Hopefully my music can help someone, somewhere, as much as it helps me.


Heavy thing

Written By: Sofiella watt

The clouds are just her finger prints
she's been spinning the globe
wondering where she's gonna go next year
and she cries into the ocean, and she sighs into the night
little pennies of light where her loose change falls through
and I know that she'll go back to live behind the moon
some day soon
and I know she's buried her heart in Davey Jones' locker
600 leagues under the sea
but we all know the moon controls the tide
and so the sea is no place for a heart to hide

and she said oh you fickle thing
what a state you put me in
you've made an anchor for your heart with bones and string
and now its such a heavy, heavy thing

some nights she sits behind the moon
drinking malt whiskey
wondering if it's risky to come down soon
and when she's happy sunflowers raise their heads
and when she's sad the clouds get so heavy
they might as well be made of lead
you know how long it's been
since she's shown her face around this part of town
do you know why she won't cry
unless she's wearing her slippers and she's way up in the sky
but you know the moon will always be ever so in love with the sea


Demo Cd- Sofiella Watt
Track 1:'Soft Enough to Sleep In' played on TripleJ radio's Home and Hosed.

Set List

I will usually play 1-2 45min sets, usually starting with piano songs and then moving on to more upbeat songs on guitar.
I play mainly original songs, usually including a few covers like Animal-Miike Snow, Heartstopper- Emilianna Torrini,Paper bag-Fiona Apple, Time to Pretend - MGMT