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Soft Toy Heroes @ Headland Studios

Torquay, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Torquay, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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The best kept secret in music


This is cool man! One of those happy little discoveries that put alot of big name dreary guitar bands to shame. The fact that two members of the band used to be in a drag group called ‘Miss UK’ that featured a dwarf on drums gives you an idea of where they’re coming from. This is bouncy, cheeky punk pop being made for all the right reasons. It’s the lyrics and the general attitude which make the difference, it bursts at the seams with character, wit and personality. Stupid ideas and characters that make you laugh out loud pop up on every other line. Nice one! - SOUTHWESTMUSIC:LIFESTYLEMAGAZINE

Torbay foursome Soft Toy Heroes have produced one of the most exciting new CD releases to land on my desk this year.

Since their formation The Softies have gained a certain notoriety for delivering instant-appeal pop songs, and this 12-track collection entitled We Are Not Amused will go a long way to reinforcing that reputation. Indeed, the first four tracks in the collection all possess that Soft Toy Heroes immediacy, and anyone of the four could be lifted for single release.

The album's opener Space Hopper is a gem of a track, and I defy anyone listening to it to remain motionless. It’s a real head noddin', foot twitchin', dance crazy Softies special.

However, track four - 21st Century Waster - arguably the best title on the album, reaches back in time to pay homage to one of the most powerful chart hits of the seventies: Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who. Clearly, The Softies have borrowed the keyboard thread from that Who classic, and there are a few guitar phrases from Dan Gorman in this number that nod respectfully in the direction of Pete Townshend.
- Herald Express

Fronting the group is Rupert Bennett, a criminally good looking, far too energetic chap with a great rock voice (as a reviewer I was in awe; my alter ego was somewhat jealous). Gleefully prancing about like a rock ‘n’ roll Punk, Rupert led us through a strong selection of almost entirely original material.

I found myself reminded of several bands – from The Police and The Buzzcocks to today’s Stereophonics – but ultimately they have a unique sound; fast, catchy, power-driven pop at breakneck speed.

Drummer Jason Cox’s uncluttered style provided the foundation stone for the whole band. Nimble fingered bass from Paul McCracken and joyously loud guitar from Dan Gorman made for as full a backing as is possible with a three-piece set up. Add the athletic vocals of Rupert and the wry lyrical content and you have not just a winning combination but a championship contender.
- Taunton.....

I was recommended to see this band by a friend so without knowing what to expect I trudged off to check them out. The first thing I noticed was how quickly the pub was filling up, obviously I was a bit late in hearing about these guys. Once the band started it became clear what all the fuss was about. The boys play very professionally and have a confidence usually associated with more experienced bands. The sound is radio friendly, and to my ears, kind of like a cross between Green Day and the pop of Roxette. The singer reminded me a little of Gary Stringer but with stage presence, while the band kept the music tight through out. Amongst the lyrical gems were chorus’ like “I am 25 and living with my mum”, although most of the songs stand out as potential hits. I feel with a bit of luck this lot could be in line for greater things. - WHAT’S ON SOUTH WEST

I’ve noticed most pop and rock in recent years has been taking itself far too seriously for too long. In fact, it all looks so false, so contrived. I find myself reaching for the sick bag!

Thank heavens, then, for the Torbay band Soft Toy Heroes.

The Softies have recently released an album entitled ‘thank go the take away’s open’ and it has brought a very welcome and fresh take-us-as-you-find-us approach to contemporary music.

No posturing and puffed up Mussolini-like strutting from The Softies. On the contrary, throughout the 10-track album, they serve up a tasty assortment of quick fire catchy pop songs, most of which have a hefty guitar led, Punk influenced backdrop.

And there’s more. The Softies’ lyrics are a revelation. Beautifully observed every day scenarios are converted into eminently listenable songs, often with amusing, even surreal, results.

On reflection, the think I’ll dub the Softies as the Salavdor Dalis of rock and I’ll cite as just one example, track four; Legs Of Margarine.

Grab a copy of the album from their website at and check out this remarkably hard-hitting, occasionally bizarre, and often amusing release.

Clearly, the Softies are determined to show that rock music doesn’t need to take itself quite so seriously to get its message across.
- Lowedown / David Lowe


We Are Not Amused (1st album)
Space Hopper (promo single)
thank god the takeaway’s open (2nd album)
(all available from the band’s website)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Soft Toy Heroes hail from Torquay in the south west of England. They do not have a record deal but have recorded two albums, ‘We Are Not Amused’ and ‘thank god the takeaway’s open’, which they sell at live gigs and thru the website. Their music is energetic and gritty, with very individual lyrics! ‘Stretched Limo Over Troubled Water’, taken from the band’s second album, is a conglomeration of all of this!! They have had various tracks played on local radio, a couple on UK national radio, and ‘Eyes Too Close Together’ was featured on a Smash Hits Magazine cover CD.

Paul McCracken (bass) and Dan Gorman (guitar) were playing in a drag band called ‘Miss UK’, and which also featured a dwarf drummer. They met Rupert Bennett (vocals) when his band ‘The Screaming Lightweights’ played with Miss UK at a local rave gig. Jason Cox (drums) was recruited after retreating back to Torquay following his graduation from Durham University.

Paul was born in Toronto, Canada and is a classically trained pianist. Jason and Paul toured Europe (although not together) as members of the Devon Youth Orchestra, Jason playing cello and Paul tympani drums. Dan has played sessions with various other groups but prefers to take a back seat. Rupert just prefers the life of a beach bum surfer!