Sohayla Smith

Sohayla Smith

 Shelburne, Ontario, CAN

Sohayla Smith's songs are catchy, with smart lyrics and a unique sound all her own. 2017 TIMA nominee for Best Country, featured in the 2017-2018 DCMA exhibit True. Grit., Roots Grand Prize, and 1st place Americana on Ourstage, featured on local and international radio, they have a new EP "The Red Room Recording Session" available on itunes, apple music, spotify, deezer, and reverbnation. Sohayla is accompanied by Adrian and Nathan Smith, Nick Ovington, and Devon Eichhorn.


Diverse and talented Canadian singer-songwriter Sohayla Smith has been writing and performing her original songs for over twenty years and has no intention of stopping any time soon. Her songs are catchy, with smart lyrics and a unique sound all her own. Sohayla Smith is accompanied by Adrian Smith and Nathan Smith on guitars, Nick Ovington on percussion, and Devon Eichhorn on bass. The band was recently nominated for a TIMA for best country, the song Bridges was the Roots Grand Prize Winner on OurStage, as well as taking 1st place in Americana, they were featured on Salford City Radio in the UK, and Amazing Radio's top picks. The original trio was featured in the DCMA's main exhibit: True. Grit, and opened the exhibit earlier this year (2017), and they were featured in the Collingwood arts & culture awards in 2016 following 4th place in the Live & Original Songwriter Showdown. The band has a large catalogue of music that they're starting to release as singles - gaining airplay on local and international radio. Sohayla Smith's Americana-Pop-Rock band is set to release more singles later this year.


One Sweet Thing

Written By: Sohayla Smith

on the first warm day this spring, you gave me one sweet thing
just a moment of your time, you said it was all mineSo i cherished your face, and i relished in your gazewasn't jealous as you played, a sweeter sound than i

on the first warm day this spring, you offered me a drinkjust a small sip of your soul, for theres far too much to knowso i listened intent, though my mind was still hell-benti was zealous to have spent, just that moment as it wentjust that moment as it went
as we sat upon the afternoon, and waited for the evening moonto rise up and delight us with her glowit was crystal clear to me it seems, if i like you and you like me
then we can just enjoy eachothers company
on the first warm day this spring, you said just one sweet thingthat it bothered you to know, i could love another soso i profess my love, and i protest this covewhere i bury alive, all the love that waits insideall the love that waits inside, all the love i have to hide

Die Trying

Written By: Sohayla Smith

well there ?ain?t enough love and there ?ain?t enough moneyto keep me in this town much longer honeygonna grab my travellin? pack, gonna hit the road jackgonna head towards some lovin? gonna head towards some cashbut i?ll just keep on pushing and i?ll keep on pullin? till i get what i want or i die tryin?!
well there ain?t no more carin? and there ain?t no more sharin?. it?s all for one and i ain?t tellin? who?s got the beat
and who?s got the blues and who stole elvis? blue suede shoes
you can keep on pushin?, you can keep on pullin? but you ain?t
gonna get what you want this time.. you can keep tryin?... yeah...
there ain?t enough love and there ain?t enough moneyno you just can?t pour enough sugar on it honeyto make it go down smooth, make it taste real nicewe both know two wrongs ain?t gonna make a right but we justkeep on pushin? and we keep on pullin? till we get what we wantor we die tryin? ... we get what we want or we die tryin? ... yeah i think i?m gonna die tryin?.

The Man You Are

Written By: Sohayla Smith

When you speak, i always listen closely,
not just to words but to the sound of your soulwhen you think, your thoughts will leave you lonely,
remember i?m not only a girli am part of your world,
because i love the man you are, yes i love the man you are. because i love
the man you are, yes i love the man you are.

if you want, i?ll try to fill the void
without being paranoid by all the little things between the lines that we don?t realize and i,
will open up my arms

and comfort you tonight, make it all alright,
because i love the man you are, yes i love the man you are.
because i love the man you are, yes i love the man you are.

for every moment left to come,
every memory to be made,
i am dumbstruck by your kindness
i am wondered by your faith,
i am waiting
on your love,
i am patient and restrained, i?ll be good to you...
i?ll be good to you..

if you?d like, we can start again,
avoiding all the words said wrong that took too long,
to get it right, but at least we tried yeah,
i think i understand what you?re going through,
now what am i to do?

because i love the man you are, yes i love the man you are. because i love the man you are, yes i love the man you are. because i love the man you are, yes i love the man you are.

Sweet Love Melody

Written By: Sohayla Smith

i've had a hundred last cigarettes
but only one first kiss
never did save that last dance
and it's something i've always missed
i can't recall ever being romanced
because i always move far too fast
but every second that goes by
i can't help but wonder why
it feels like the last

so lets make
the most
of this day
don't take
advantage of tomorrow
hold each moment tenderly
and make sweet love to the melody.

i've made a million and one mistakes
but regret not one
i've writen so many songs
that'll never be sung
i've never been serenaded
by a boy neath balcony
but every day that goes by
i realize it's all a lie
cause you're all i need


Written By: Sohayla Smith

you say you don?t tell lies,
but i can hear it in your sighsyou just don?t tell.
you say there?s no disguise for thefeelings that arise when she?s near.
go ahead and play your games baby,
go ahead and shout her name baby,
go ahead and try to justify just to fight.

You say it can?t be rightbut it?s not wrong it?s just a different way to look at life, never realized that there was more than meets the mascara covered eye...

take one sideways glance baby,
take one sweet romance babytake one long last look at what you want but just can?t
have it your way if you like, before the opportunity passes you by gotta stay on track, or else she?ll dig her tiny little heels in your back...
yeah, don?t say a word baby,
?cause the silence says it already
yeah i think i know what you?re
thinkin? and i?m thinking it tonightwhat a curious game we?ve begun...


The Red Room Recording Session - Available on itunes, amazon, apple music, spotify, reverbnation, and deezer.

All I Can Do - Single -  Available on itunes, amazon, apple music, spotify, reverbnation, and deezer.

Sohayla 2 - Fall of 2011 Demo EP

Sohayla - 2011 EP - Feb. 5th, 2011

"Love a Little Less" EP - March 2008

Set List

One Sweet Thing

this is who i am

burn it to the ground



the breakdown

Die Trying


Angel Wings


Kettle Corn Kisses

The Man You Are


Bad Boys

Let Go

With You or Without You


Sweet Love Melody


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