Soho Riots

Soho Riots


Right from the nucleus of the Mexican rising music scene Soho Riots brings a refreshing attitude fond with the lo-fi aesthetics of a digital culture. Their sound recalls the crash between VU’s tenderness and Phil Spector’s madness mixed with daily life’s uncertainty.


Soho Riots (are Lorena, Pilar, Alberto, Jose and Ricardo) has its background at the funeral of two mexican bands: Lullaby and Sappho. The two young girls meet at the philosophy school, read to Rubert de Ventós, take two guitars and write some songs, they create Lullaby and then destroy it. They try other musicians but they are not absolutely pleased with the sound. They decide to continue practicing and playing in rooms from lent houses. At the time Alberto’s band, Sappho, was falling apart so he encourages them to record their songs and joins them as the drummer and master of effects pedals. During the recording sessions Jose, the owner of the homemade studio, ends up as the gentleman of the third guitar.

From those sessions an EP is born that has its origin in another land: a place of friendship and empathy. After all they are only friends playing games and the product is a reminder of it: voices hided under instruments, tambourines, archaic toys, shades of sound. It’s a timeless musical playground.

The band’s musical background forms a paper plane that flies over the ages of contemporary music, from The Beatles to The Cure, and from The Velvet Underground to Spacemen 3. But they do not sound like them at all, because the Riots are joy, they are creation’s pleasure, calm and anguish. In that sense, the EP is a rough invitation, just like the overwhelming moments of Get Lost, the opening track, or like the edgy loops of The Day of the Days. They take us to listen what is incomprehensible.

Last summer a rough and hand crafted version of the EP was handed out to several people. Some copies arrived to the right hands, the local independent label Happy Garlic (home of other acts like Robota and Suave as Hell) and the netlabel Poni Republic (Nuuro, Sappho).

Happy will be in charge of the physical release (available in early November). The package, of this limited edition, will be hand crafted. Additionally, Poni Republic will be responsible for the free digital release (ready to download at mid-November). With the digital version, the music lover will be able to craft its own package.

At the end of the year the band plans to play in Monterrey and Mexico City.


- Soho Riots EP - Digital Release (Poni Republic 2008)
- Soho Riots EP - Physical Release (Happy Garlic 2008)
- Coffee Shop Devil (Single from the Soho Riots EP)

Set List

- Paranoid Park
- Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles cover)
- Coffee Shop Devil
- The Day of the Days
- Mr. Tambourine Man (The Byrds cover)
- Get Lost
- Pedestrian Knows Best