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"I just stumbled upon this album, this band, this sound…"

…wow. I'm not even through listening to the album and was compelled to start writing about this band. This wonderful band with a wonderful sound and killer sense of noise, harmony and power.

I like this album. I like it alot. There really is nothing worse that a song that starts out with a strumming barre chord and a crooning weener blatting about this that or anything really, blah, blah, blah, give me a break… isn't the world sick of that by now? No? Well you'll find none of that here. No tight pants tween guitar rock. No gyrating Hammond speaker boredom… Nope, you will not find any of that with this band. This wonderful band…

This album really makes me believe that music is not dead. That a band can still put together a sound with feeling, with drive, where each measure is driven by the last and each song a separate sonic adventure. Don't get me wrong, this album is simple, yet very effective, like a good ol' fashioned bludgeoning. No complex plot lines, no off metre jumble of Berkley trained ninnies wailing away hoping nobody notices that they suck and compensating for their suck with clever t-shirts and canvas shoes. Nope. None of that here. At all.

So yes, the album is simple, the songs are simple, but that's what makes them so effective. They grind, they move, they give you chills waiting for the building wave to break across the next measure. The drumming is powerful, excellent driving fills, breaking down along with the crunchy guitar into pulsating layers of sound. Then some arpeggios, simple, effective layering, atmosphere. Wow, what atmosphere!

Go buy this album now…


…really. It's like eight bucks. Eight dollars well spent. It's like buying a really nice tool. It's solid, it's well built, no little crappy latches and hinges to break off. No plastic, nope, this is all maple and stainless steel. Leave it in the toolbox, it'll always be there as other tools come and go. This music is timeless, it really is. Eight bucks!

This is Soundgarden, without Chris Cornell, which is cool, because Soundgarden with anyone but Chris Cornell sucks. Really. So they go instrumental, just play, make noise, keep it simple, keep it tight. Chris Cornell can go scratch if he doesn't like it. Who is he anyway? Actually Chris Cornell has got nothing to do with this album or this band. In fact this band isn't an instrumental version of Soundgarden. They probably don't even shop at the same shoe store. No confusion intended, they just seem to have a Soundgarden influence or at least just remind me of Soundgarden or Clutch, without a singer. Which is cool, because Soundgarden and Clutch are cool. Anyway…

This is truly a milestone album for me and for the world. It really is. Really! This is an album that I will always return to, year in and year out. This is the album of the last decade for me. This is my Stompbox – Stress of the twenty aught decade. A couple months late, depending on your calendar, but in there nonetheless. It's that good. Really.

This album simply rocks. This is just rock, no roll, no nonsense. Here's the recipe: drums, guitar, distortion, bass and some cymbals. Simple recipe. Beer has a simple recipe, good beer anyway, not Buttwiper or some microbrew crapola, but good beer. This album is Miller High Life. This album is beef jerky. No refrigeration needed. Just buy it and enjoy. In fact now that I think about it, I just paid ten bucks for a bag of beef jerky the other day, this album is better and cheaper!

I'm up to 'Come And Get Me In My Sleep', which is a very cool song. Pink Floyd over gravel. A war machine rolling over a green field. Atmosphere. Driving drums and bass. Simple and effective. I know the formula, it's going to build until the wave breaks. But that's cool, I like that. I've had beef jerky and beer before and guess what? I'll have it again, probably today or tomorrow at the latest. It's good stuff, I like it, it's simple and good. Wow, this wonderful band. Simply bangin'.

The drums are well recorded, punchy and well balanced. The guitar sound is great, no superwide quad tracked sterility, just nice crunch and simple. Bass is well rounded, it sits back in a supporting roll most of the time, which is great because it fills the space between the drums and guitar nicely. But the bass occasionally lays down a line to start things off, to set the mood, create the foundation, like it's supposed to. So overall the recording is very effective, wall of noise paradigm, fill your head, grab your attention… effective. This is truly an album to be listened to and not just heard. Fantastico. That's Italian. It means good.

'The Last Mistake I Ever Made' is a great track. Simple lead line at the end. It's simple, it's Minor Pentatonic. But that's okay. It really is. It's effective, the breakdowns are great. Tight playing, wall of noise, lip curling, head nodding good sounds. Layers of crunchy rock done right. Just right.

So to sum it all up… Thanks …soihadto… you are a great band, even with the punctuation in your name, you are a wonderful band.
Bernie - Cobzilla.com


Adventure Stories (not based on fact?)



If any one thing brought the members of ...soihadto... together, it's the belief that music isn't simply meant to be listened to, it's to be experienced. Rahn, Duff, Honus and Yungwirth fuel their performances with a love for the pure, immersive sound of performing live.

The ...soihadto... story began in 2006 in Baltimore, Maryland. By combining a variety of influences from indie to punk to hardcore to soul-funk and an incomparable melodic approach, the sound of ...soihadto... is as varied and unique as their rapidly growing fan-base.

The concept for the bands debut album was simple: they wanted it to be less of a traditional album, and more of a personal invitation to feel and experience a live performance. The album is a spontaneous, yet highly kinetic performance, and is the closest you can get to being on stage with the band.

The band headed into the Magpie Cage Studio in 2009 to record their first LP with producer/engineer J. Robbins. The LP is 11 tracks and released on Grape Juice Records in February of 2010.

While ...soihadto... have just started their journey, the combination of their own unique musical stylings, and the furious energy of their live performances have made them one of the most sought-after bands.