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"I'm A Hardcore Fan; Are YOU?"


EPIC FAILURE: (formerly known as Teen Angst)


"I'm a 'hardcore fan'.. Are you?"

We've been a fan of their music since the band started as Teen Angst around '05. Our respect for this band began when I was handed a Demo CD dated April '08 on the front stoop of our home in Fishtown. There's no turning back for us!

Envisioning a bright future, we see Epic Failure reaching ALL of their goals and we'll be right here by their side enjoying the 'linear momentum'! This journey will be rewarding for all, to say the least.

These guys are totaly dedicated, love what they do and work well together as a band; with minumal support from any outside sources. As a true believer in 'building entertainment from the ground up'... We refuse to allow EPIC FAILURE to go unnoticed or under-appreciated.

If you listen to the demo tracks available here... I am sure you will agree! EF have an original sound, yet you can hear some 'early' Alice in Chains influence as well as Nirvana!

They definitely deserve support and respect; but above all, recognition for the dedication and constant effort put forth.

Agree or disagree, We view this band as one of the best upcoming bands on the local scene.

So.. form a mental picture and grasp the spine-tingling experience you are about to recognize and eventually come to understand and appreciate!

- Carol Hower-Kelly
Ewreckt Entertainment Group, LLC
Media Management Solutions

Some thoughts from Epic Failure; The Band members:

"If your asking "What's a hardcore fan?"
the answer is someone that truly likes our music. Someone who thinks our music
is good enough to tell a friend about. So yea if you feel that way Comment" - Epic Failure

- Ewreckt Entertainment Group, LLC


"In your face GRUNGE is back with a vengeance"

Epic Failure Band is hotter than ever right now and after completion of "PHASE1" I believe we're going to see some major kick ass performances! - Ewreckt Entertainment Group, LLC


Still working on that hot first release.